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Letter to the rector from Dean Jonathan Swift – c 1743
We are indebted to Brian White, trusty local historian, for giving us a copy of this letter. It was sent to Rev John Towers who was the prebendary of Stagonil from 1727 until 1746, when the church stood next door to Powerscourt House. His appointment was in the gift of the Chapter of St Patrick's Cathedral and his friendship with the Dean would have been established there. To be the prebendary did not mean that you had to actually live in the parish. Indeed, Rev Towers was Perpetual Curate to the new parish of St Luke's in the Coombe at the same time, but he is recorded in the Succession list as a licensed Latin Schoolmaster at Powerscourt in 1732, and the Estate papers show that he had a lease of lands in Cookstown until his death in 1751, and which his widow Cordelia retained afterwards. Swift is known to have had a summer holiday with the Towers family at Cookstown.
Letter from the Rev Dean Swift to the Rev Mr John Towers,
Prebendary of St Patrick's at Powerscourt, near Bray.

Sir, I cannot imagine what business it is that so entirely employs you. I am sure it is not to gain money, but to spend it; perhaps it is to new cast and contrive your house and gardens at 400L more expense. I am sorry it should cost you two pence to have an account of my health, which is not worth a penny; yet I struggle, and ride, and walk, and am temperate, and drink wine, on purpose to delay or make abortive those schemes proposed for a successor; and if I were well, I would counterfeit myself sick as Toby Mathews, Archbishop of York, used to do when all the Bishops were gaping to succeed him. It is one good sign that giddiness is peculiar to youth, and I find I grow giddier as I grow older and therefore consequently grow younger.
If you will remove six miles nearer, I shall be content to come and sponge upon you, poor as you are, for I cannot venture to be half a day's journey from Dublin, because there is no sufficient medium of flesh between my skin and my bones, particularly in the parts that lie upon the saddle. Therefore, be pleased to send me three dozen ounces of flesh before I attempt such an adventure, or get me a six mile inn between this town and your house.
The cathedral organ and backside are painting and mending, by which I have saved a sermon, and, as the rogues of workmen go on, I may save another.
How, a wonder came young Acheson among you? I believe neither his father nor his mother know anything of him; his mother is at Grange with Mrs Acheson, her mother, and, I hear, is very ill of her asthma and other disorders got by cards and laziness, and keeping ill hours. Ten thousand sackfulls of such Knights and such sons are, in my mind, neither worth rearing nor preserving. I count upon it; the boy is good for nothing.
I am, Sir, with great truth,
Your obedient humble Servant

Swift is now thought to have suffered from Menieres Disease, a chronic dizziness, which perhaps explains one of his remarks

Rev Ernest Hamilton Whelan's Diary
The Tragic fate of Herbert Norman Stewart
Rev William Foster Boyle


Rev Ernest Hamilton Whelan

Rev Ernest Hamilton Whelan was curate at Powerscourt church from 1876-1883, when he became Rector of Kilbride, a popular and respected minister of the faith until his death there in 1911. During his time at Powerscourt he kept a diary describing his daily work, his hectic social life, his visits to his family in Maynooth, his musical activities and his concern for the well being of the parishioners. He was young, handsome, energetic and a talented musician, and welcome everywhere.
The rector at the time was Rev Henry Galbraith (Mr G. in the diary) who lived in the big house now once more called the Old Rectory, opposite the Summerhill Hotel. Rev. Ernest seems to have had accommodation in the village centre. His landlady was a Mrs Buckley (Mrs B.) 130 years later his diary provides a fascinating snapshot of life in the village,  especially interesting as many of the families he names still live in the Dargle valley. These are some of the diary entries for March 1878:
Friday: …..had a dozen members at temperance meeting in spite of the weather. Went up to dine at Powerscourt. Le Fanu’s (Summerhill), Stepneys (Fassaroe), Sandys (The Dargle),and Captain Irvine (Valclusa) there. All pleasant and friendly. Played and sang for them. Lord P. hoped I wd take a walk with him some day over the mountains.
Monday… Sat with Mrs Joe Burton and Miss Larkin. Got home at a quarter to 5. Had a wash, donned my No.1s and started for Bray; walked part of the way with little Mrs Martin who was wheeling hers baby’s perambulator. Spent a very pleasant evening with the Carnegies. Sang and played for them and accompanied Miss Deb who looked perfectly lovely. ( He married Miss Deb eventually in 1881. Her father John Dalrymple Carnegie was a noted Bray Presbyterian)
Friday: wrote sermon for an hour. Went to school next door. Started for Annacrevy school. Went on to Lacken, visiting Glaskenny first. Sat with old Mrs Keegan of Onagh. Returned through Powerscourt. Inspected the old graveyard. Cut a nice ash stick at the river. Home at 5. Had nice class. Sweetman (Powerscourt  Gate Lodge) away so we had no nonsense.
Sunday: Mr G. preached a temperance sermon and I was informed by Mr Le Fanu afterwards that Cecil Guinness and Lord Clonmel were in church. The latter is a notable toper!
Monday At 12 went up to church and married John Papworth to Ellen Verney. Got my 10/-fee. Mrs B gave me a vase of flowers. Had a letter in the afternoon post  containing a mock circular from the “Powerscourt Anti-Joking Total Abstinence Society”. I think Miss Crampton is the perpetrator.
Tuesday: Class at 11. Funeral of Mr Macmanus. Went to Seaview after lunch. (now Kilgarron House) The Bulwers were going off to Lough Bray and insisted on taking me too. So Mrs B and I walked on and Henry Bulwer called for Miss Jephson (Glenbrook. niece of Miss Crampton) in the wagonette. They overtook us at the back of Anacrevy. Had a very pleasant drive, indulged in some snowballing on the way and submitted to being pelted by the fair one. Reached church at 7.10 Slipped into the choir by the Vestry door as they were singing the Nunc Dimittis. Explained to the Galbraiths after; they seemed amused. Spent evening with them and played Beethoven.

Rev. Ernest Whelan’s Diary  (continued)  April 1877
Rev Ernest had become curate at Powercourt in December 1876. Here he records his first Easter in Enniskerry
April 1877: Good Friday:  Beautiful summer day. Read til service time. Had about 90 in church. Lady Laura (Grattan) present. When I came from church the street was full of people out for a holiday. A fiddle and a banjo going in the front of the hotel. A man singing to them and a little way off another fiddler and a barrel organ. I was well-nigh distracted and was very glad to get away from the town as soon as possible. Paid a long visit at Montgomery’s, then on to Mrs. Fanning’s and then on to old Pearson and finally home by the fields at the back of Walker’s. Only 8 at the class tonight ( Bible class in the Parish hall) Mr Sweetman gave his ideas very nicely. Wrote nearly 2 pages of sermon.
Saturday: Did some writing, but felt chilly and not up to much. Went up to Seaview for lunch ( in 1877 George Posnett, Lord P’s agent, lived in Kilgarron House, then called Seaview) and read the paper afterwards till time for choir practice. On my way I hunted up the Cowans and insisted on the girls dressing and coming to the practice which they did. Gave Miss Sweetman a lesson ( on the organ) after. Took a ramble in Knocksink. Had to sit up over my poor sermon till 2.30 – leaving 1 and a half pages to be done.
Easter Sunday: Early service at 8 o’c. I slept till 8 minutes to 8 and then made a bolt for it. Got into my clothes and was in the church at 8.2. Mr G. was just giving out a hymn and I was robed and in my place by the third verse. We had about 75 Communicants at 11.30 and did not get away from Church till 5 to 2. My voice rather bothered me during Morning Service but kept up fairly during communion. This is the hardest day I have had yet. 4 services and conducting Sunday School, yet I feel pretty fresh. Got 2 cheques from the Rep. Body by today’s post – my first clerical receipts! Stanley Monck overtook me up Tinnahinch at 5 o’c and we had a lot of talk.
Easter Monday:  read up my class work till 10.15…went to Vestry Meeting…at 1 o’c, Sarah and Alice( Hackett, from Crinken) drove here and took me to the train. 4 girls and we 3 (me, Caldbeck and Bill Roper) went to town to hear Rubinstein and were all perfectly electrified by his playing….we were a very jolly party! Went home by the 11.30 train and slept at Eaton Brae. ( in the morning he has a swim in the sea and sets off for Enniskerry and a meeting with the Rector. It takes him an hour and fifteen minutes walking.) 
Sunday 15th: Frightful day! Wettest Sunday we have had all winter. About 100 at 11.30 service, 32 at evening. Went to see Tom Fanning who has been laid up with a bad Anthrax on his neck. Nobody at Annacrevy at all except O’C (Philip O’Connor, the teacher) and a little boy. The Onagh people were watching, and seeing me pass, turned up so we had a short service and no sermon. I was well soaked as to my limbs. Coming home from 5.30 service J T Buckley told me I had preached a “lovely sermon” (N.B. I don’t think Mr G. was of the same opinion! Nor was I, for that matter)….Enjoyed Mrs Huttons kind offering of Rhubarb at dinner. Mrs Buckley gave me her a/c. Total expenses for quarter amount to £17.11.6 ( His quarter salary was £24.13.9)
Thursday 26th:  . Set off for Mrs Williams. Thought her weaker than last Saturday. Went right across the hills to Hicks. Visited them both. Also Bradners, and Nobles and Lawson. Looked in for a moment to Bethel Burton and enquired for Tom Walker who has been ill with a heavy cough and cold. I cut across Powerscourt, 38 minutes from Kirtlestown. Sat nearly an hour with Miss Moore, who fed me bread and honey and called me “dear”…. Wrote 2 and a half pages of clean sermon.
Sunday 29th: Fair Sunday School. Dr. McMahon preached a right good sermon for the “Mixed Marriages”. Mrs Davidson fainted and was carried out of Church. Saw her at her house afterwards and she seemed all right again, and said that she felt “rather the better for it”…..
Monday 30th  Beautiful bright day. Chilly air. Called on Mrs Collins. Went on and sat with Mrs M. Williams who looks better. Crossed the valley (where I found J Bunn and E Patrickson with gun and fishing rod) and had a long talk with Capt. Halpin who lent me a book on submarine cables. Before starting I saw Dr. Rice and he told me Tom Walker was getting on all right, so I decided not to go up today and when I returned at quarter to 6, I was greatly shocked to hear that he had died at quarter to 3.
( This Captain Thomas Halpin is probably the older brother of the famous Captain Robert Halpin of Wicklow.)

Rev. Ernest Whelan’s Diary  (continued)  May 1877
Rev Ernest spent much of his spare time with the Hackett family at Crinken, mowing their tennis lawn, playing the organ there, conducting choir practices. Many days off were also spent in Dublin and at Maynooth, where his father was Rector. The following entry is typical of a Dublin day.
Wednesday 2nd   Paid Hewitt and wife a visit (Hewitt was the sexton) Town by the 1 o’clock train. Practice of “Love & Wine” at Bill’s rooms (Trinity) at 2. Tried on clothes at Switzers and showed them what I wanted done. Got an eye tooth looked at, but nerve was tender so Sandheim put in a ‘destroyer’ and sent me away. Took Constance (his school age sister) to the Ragged School Bazaar and left her in the charge of Miss M. Armstrong. Went to the Alexandra College practice and was given charge of a part in quartette (by Hernsley) which I read most successfully. Dined at the Dix’s and went to the Harmonic Society after. Good practice at the Peebles. Took Sarah Mary Hackett home in the tram and stayed there at 73.
(This refers to 73 Harcourt Street which was home to the Hackett family – as well as the parsonage at Crinken. They seem to have operated open house there to many young people. The house was also the address of “The Incorporated Society for Promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland”  of which Rev J W. Hackett was the secretary.)
After 2 days at Maynooth he was back in Dublin

Saturday: had early breakfast and came in by 9 train – the kids escorted me as far as the wicket gate ( he was the eldest of 13 brothers and sisters) practice at 2 TCD at 11. Got tooth scraped and prepared for stuffing. Dublin University Choral Society Concert at 2.30 Bill sang “Zampa” song very fairly “Love & Wine” went only fairly….. Came out to Enniskerry on the 5.10 bus. Sat up til 1.15 and being rather tired went to bed
Sunday: Beautiful morning. Lees and Reeveses at church. Had a good congregation of about 220. Went to Annacrevy. 27 or 28 there. JT Buckley getting on very slowly with a sprained ankle.
Tuesday : Began the sermon but only got a little done.  Saw little Cecil Mustard. Funeral at the church so no class. Visited Mrs Munroe, Mrs Williams and the Quigleys. Sat a good while with Mrs Posnett and “jumped”  in the nursery for the little boys to their great delight. Went off to Phrompstown and from there crossed the fields to the Reeveses. Dined with the Galbraiths and met Mr Roe, who lectured on South American Missions. I showed the magic lantern for him and gave him a cup of tea afterwards.
Friday: dark gloomy day. Felt rather stupid all the morning. Taught at the school. Got measured by Wogan for strong shoes. Buried Walker’s baby – aged 7 weeks. Funeral arrived at Powerscourt at 5.10 instead of 4. Very wet. 8 men at Bible class. Got to page 5 of sermon. Felt a bit heavy n the head, so retired at 10.35. Wrote to mother. ( Rev Ernest had visited the Walker household on the 23rd March to find the baby’s mother dead. He had baptised the child James Michael.  That same afternoon he had read the burial service over Dora Briscoe, aged 9months)
Tuesday : Up at 7 sharp. I am getting most virtuous these times. Read for my class after breakfast. Had my talk with the Rector. Baptised Thomas Sutton and churched Mrs S. Held my class. Miss Hudson there. Went to town by 2train….
Wednesday : terribly sleepy this morning. Started for Annacrevy at 11.15. Then visited Mrs Miller, Buckley (Knockbawn), Rd. Burton, Bethel Burton. Called at Mrs Burton at Annacrevy but she was away. Had a little talk with Mervyn and came on. Sat with Mrs Tim Quigley and her father. Home at 5. Nothing to eat since 9. Wogan sent in new boots which are miles too big for me. Very sleepy. “Went off” after dinner. Began sermon.
Saturday: Up at 7 sharp. Day cloudy but held up fairly. Brought back shoes to Wogan. He will make me a pair a little smaller. Sat in Purgatory wood before dinner and read the Clergyman’s Magazine. Sat up til 12, leaving 2 pages of Sermon to do. ( He later paid Wogan 14/- for the smaller shoes)
Trinity Sunday: Smaller Sunday school and session than usual. Communion about 21 or 22. This my slack Sunday. Service at Charleville discontinued. Mr Galbraith had communion at Annacrevy. Mrs Miller remained and received. I am so glad. Bill and young Macloughlin walked over the hills here and got a thorough soaking. However they managed to consume 4 bottles of Bass and a loaf after which being considerably revived they went on their way. About 45 at evening service. Mr G praised my sermon,but I thought it rather wretched.
( His mother and a sister, Katy, come for a visit) 
Tuesday:  After breakfast, Mrs B and mother had a long confab. I went up to Rectory for half an hour. Fraulein and the ladies Galbraith came in here until shower was over. Lunched at the rectory. Went for a walk through Powerscourt gardens and home by Tinnahinch hill. Had a fine plaice for dinner of which mother partook freely.  Cramptons, le Fanus,, Pittars and Reeves at temperance meeting, so I introduced mother all round.
Rev Ernest Whelan’s Diary continued June 1877
Saturday 2nd Breakfast at 8.30. packed off Mother and Katy by 9 bus…. Had pretty good practice today. (A. Galbraith gone to London) Teachers’ meeting at Rectory. Walked down with Miss Lee. Got on with the sermon, writing at the open window. Miss Crampton and Philippa passed by and discoursed me most affably. Went to bed at 12 sharp.
(A. Galbraith is Alice, daughter of the Rector, the elder of the 2 sisters who later spent their lives as missionary teachers in Sudan. She was, at this time about 19)
Sunday Broke up Sunday School at 10.30 to attend funeral of little Cecil Mustard. All the School attended and sang a hymn. I played the organ…. Rather wild, wet afternoon. Preached on I Cor. 3.11 and the rector said it was an excellent sermon – the best I had preached.!!
Tuesday Rectory class at 6 present …. Visited Penfords and Pattersons and cut across the demesne, climbing the wall at Parknasilla… in the afternoon visited Townsends, Longs, Burtons and Pearsons. ( wore my new shoes, made by Wogan)… enjoyed some Powerscourt Rhubarb (price 4d) for dinner.
(Wogan is, as anyone in Enniskerry will know, an ancestor of Terry Wogan)
Thursday The Rector came down after breakfast and brought me the Marriage Registers and at 11.40 I tied my first knot, marrying James Leslie to his third wife Katherine Cardiff. Started for Crinken at 1 o’c and reached the Parsonage at 5 to 2. Did some mowing and put Tennis tapes down and played 4 games in great form. After dinner we all went over to Church for 1 and a half hours playing. Started for home at 10.10 and walked most of the way minus coat. Heavy dew. Home at 11.23.
Tuesday (after a day in town) caught the 5.10 train to Bray. Mrs B. on the bus. I had a great chat with V. Le Fanu. Temperance Meeting. I spoke but had not digested my address enough and would up rather abruptly. The rector gave a first rate address of three quarters of an hour. He signed pledge and so did I . About 12 or 14 signed. I hope God will bless our efforts in this cause. Bed at 11.30. ( Victor Le Fanu was at this time about 15. He later played Rugby for Ireland, became a classical scholar, a JP and Lord Meath’s agent)
Friday … got a book at the Library which was opened today…
Saturday Worked at sermon til 1 o’c. Lunched with Rector. Went home from practice with the Lee girls and played tennis. The Barringtons came in afterwards and we had more matches. I went and swam in Knocksink. Got a fall on the slippery stones and hurt my left thumb. Had some music after tea and tennis. Home at 10.10 rather hot night. Did not go asleep till all hours.
Monday called at Mrs Hobson’s and found that little Alice had died at 9 o’c last night. Misses Douglas and Walker were there. Had a talk with old Mick W. on the road. Visited old Mahon, Miss Roe, Tom Jones and Mrs Quin. Got home at 3.30. …( Hobsons were employed at Charleville.. Alice was 14)
Tuesday. Funeral of Alice Hobson at 3.40. Lady Monck was at the churchyard, and Miss M. When service was over they spent some minutes throwing white flowers into the grave.
Wednesday Mid Summer After a hard day visiting parishioners and playing croquet with the Pittars, he and his friend Arthur Gorham get home at 11.40 Cut some sandwiches and made our preparations for ascending Sugar Loaf. Started at 12.45 from the forge and got to the top of mountain in 2 hours. Saw a fine sunrise and enjoyed our provisions. A fire was lit and proved most acceptable. Commenced the descent about 4.30. Got home at 6.30. Slept til quarter to 9. A. G. slept on sofa. Wrote a page of sermon but did not feel very bright. Visited Wheelers, Wades, Miss Darlington. AG went to see the Scalp; joined me and we swam in Knocksink. Went to Glenbrook for tea and music. Got nice flowers from garden. Sang and played. Home at 10.10 ….My watch 3/4 hour fast, owing I suppose, to a jerk I gave it when throwing stones with AG….. Sunday Did rest of sermon before breakfast. Ed and Sissie turned up. ESD preached a good sermon. Rosie Reeves fainted in church today but went out all right in Mr Le Fanu’s arm…. ( ESD is Rev Edward Stephen Daunt, Rector of Greystones, who had been the curate before Ernest at Powerscourt and had married Ernest’s sister. Visits were frequenty made between Enniskerry and the Greystones Rectory.)

Curate's Diary continued July & August, 1877
Monday 2nd …. In afternoon went to see Miss Larkin, Lady Monck, Mrs Hobson, Mrs Keegan. Had a chat with Tom the Fiddler….
Tuesday……Cool wind. Some showers. Set off in afternoon and visited widow North, Mervyn Burton (Mrs B out again) Thos B., Mrs Wm Hicks. Left a card at Leslies door. Called at Posnetts. Mrs P rather poorly. 25/26 at meeting. Tea at Fennels, sang with Miss Lees and walked home with them. Bed at 11.25.
Friday …went to Vestry Meeting. Was very stupid by the time I got my sermon. Went out in the afternoon, called at the Library, and saw Miss Reeves and Miss A. Pittar. Visited Stronges ( Miss Stronge very delicate. I think. She cannot walk far) We had some splendid thunder and lightning during the day. Stronge showed me a young Cuckoo in a titlark's nest. Had only 7 at class. Sweetman most obtrusively eloquent. Cleared more than half the sermon and went to bed at 11 ( On Saturday before bed, he stops writing the sermon at page 19! )
Sunday fair Sunday School today. Good congregation. Lilly B. began hysterics but was kept in order. Mr Disney preached a very good sermon and was greatly liked. Clocks wrong. Bell for evening service began 10 minutes too soon, so I waited in Vestry instead of going home. Spent evening at Pittars. Went round garden and eat currants with Ada P.
Monday… Started off for Anton's ( all out) and chatted with Mrs Sutton en route. Visited Keegans of Bahana. Had a talk with the Greers and stayed to tea ( liked the family very much), visiting John Evans meanwhile. Left after prayers at 9.20. Home in 60 minutes. Very hot. ( Mr. Anton was Lord Powerscourt's head gamekeeper.)
Wednesday ….set off for St. Valerie ( home of the Adams family) had tea and music. Miss P., Dot, Florrie and I sat on a haycock till 11 0'c when we retired and had music and supper.
Thursday Up at quarter to 8. Had a swim near the wooden bridge. After breakfast played and sang. Left St Valerie at 20 to 10. At quarter to11 went to the school and then to Annacrevy. Visited O'Connors, Bethel Burton, Jas B, Alice B, Mrs Robert B, Richard B, Mrs S. Buckley, Mrs Horricks. Home( a little tired) by 20 to 6. Had a mighty sleep after dinner. Only wrote 1 page of sermon. Prepared lesson for class.
Friday. Got some writing done, but was so miserably stupid that I went off to Monastery and had some Beethoven and Bach with Rosie Reeves. Came back here and read and snoozed. I don't know what made me so sleepy.
Thursday Funeral of Mrs Clarke at Old Churchyard. Noone could not find the grave, so after long searching we came on 2 graves and not being able to decide between them, we put the coffin into Capt. Needham's vault and by and by, when the right grave is dug, service will be read…. Walked by Lead Works "chimney" to Ferndale ( on Ferndale Road, near Shankill) and got soaked. Mrs D. (Dix?) dressed me up. …Father spending night there. Home at 12. Walked in 1 hour 10 minutes.
Sunday Hottest day we have had yet. The church was like an oven! Largest congregation I have seen. Funeral at church – Wardle's sister. (Wardle worked at Kilruddery) Went to Purgatory and read my sermon.
Tuesday The Rector called at 10 with Registers into which I entered particulars of Little's marriage which is tomorrow. Visited Mary Phillips who is poorly. Felt the day very sultry and set off on my walk just dragging my legs after me. Left card at Fannings. Went up the hill at a snail's pace and sat down to rest on Stylebawn for 10 minutes. Crawled up the hill and crossed the valley to Balinteskin. Had a long talk with Mrs Sutton and made great friends with the baby. Enjoyed lunch of excellent bread and butter and marmalade with new milk in abundance. Visited Gilbert and had a long talk as I watched him making a boot. My umbrella became generally disintegrated on the way home. Got back at quarter to 5 tired out. Washed and read paper and finally, when I could no longer hold the paper, went asleep till dinner time. Came in for the end of the Moody and Sankey hymn practice. 28 at meeting. The singing and the playing of Miss G. somewhat jarred on me and I could not enjoy worship as I ought to have done. Letter from mother.
August 2nd dawdled today and only got a page written. Visited Posnetts and Burrowes. Scribbled a note to mother and then went up to the Rectory where Miss Le Fanu and I played 3 games of tennis against Tom Le Fanu and Miss Galbraith. We won 2 and then , Rector arriving, we beat him and Tom to 5..Went in to dinner and then had a little music. After tea, we started "poetry game" and then "spelling" game until prayers. Got home at 11.10 and finished letter to mother.
Friday. Slept till 8.20 – for shame! E.H.W. this cant go on! Wrote 4 pages and then got tired. Morning dark and very chilly…. Clothes arrived from Byrnes. Only £1.6.6. to pay for making coat and trousers. Coat cost me £1.17.8. (cloth 17/8 – making £1) Trousers cost 12/6 (cloth) 6/6 (making) Total 19/-
Sunday Our Sunday School has not yet recovered from measles. Had our largest congregation today = 270 and 65 communicants. No Hymn book on the desk, so I sang from memory. 24 at Annacrevy. 2 Miss Greers there helped me well in the hymn. The Rector liked my sermon this evening in church. I didn't fancy it myself.
On Tuesday 7th, Rev Ernest sets off for his holidays. First to his home in Maynooth and then to friends at Quanesborough
Wednesday (Maynooth) Rose refreshed after 7 hours sleep. Had a long chat with Arthur G. in the conservatory while he took his pipe. ….Went and had 2 hours ball playing at the college. Little Dr Lennon watched us for a long time with interest and then invited us to his rooms, where he gave us luncheon and before we left I joined him in a duett! Came home and had some more lunch…. Played croquet after dinner with Percy (a brother who also became a clergyman)
Thursday (Maynooth) Read "Helen's Babies". Went to Coll. again and had some good games of ball. A.G. hurt his other elbow. Mother and Constance and A.G. left for Dublin this afternoon by 4 train. They will stay the night and start tomorrow by 9 o'c for Cork. Bill, Percy and I read till dinner time under the beech tree. Papa and P played croquet. After tea, Bill, P. and I played "spelling game". I won by 20 points. Father read some of his Journal of 1863 which detailed certain acts of our juvenile misconduct. Boys up late packing for school.
Friday(Maynooth) Breakfast at 8.30. Started at 9.5 for Hazelhatch with the boys. Stella did her work well and we reached there about 10 to 10. Boys very cheerful and full of talk about college etc. Gave them a "tip" each and sent them off in a 2nd class carriage (third class being all full). Home in 40 minutes…….
Sunday (Maynooth) Bright fine morning. Pretty good congregation. Ducal party (from Carton House), the Purdons, Miss Tilbury and Miss Atkins there. I preached on Mark 4.39. Sat under the beech tree till 5 o'c. About 30 at evening service. Father preached on "Remember Lot's wife" and I enjoyed listening to him again. Read clergyman's Magazine in the evening.
Monday (Maynooth) dark, gloomy day. Servants went off in high glee for a picnic to "Salmon Leap". Spent half an hour in sharpening my own and Bill's knife. Did a little reading – very little. Did a good deal of darning. Made a great job of seat of trousers. Charlotte M. came out to see us and Bill adroitly covered up sewing materials with the rug. The Da and I had some singing in the evening. Packed up for Eyrecourt before retiring .
The next fortnight was spent with the Watson family at Quanesborough, visiting, playing tennis, preaching, teaching the junior fry to read or play piano, "bogtrotting", drinking copious quantities of milk while demolishing a store room, and making music.
Mrs Watson was very ill with neuralgia. "I did my best (musically) to relieve her pain, but not very effective, I fear" He was sent for to play the Eyrecourt organ: "Organ pretty fair but pedals diabolical"
On wet days the children run wild in the house. "Bagatelle and dressing up seem to be the order of the day"
On 29th August, Willie Watson and Ernest return to Dublin, and he returns to Enniskerry on 31st with his friend AG. "Found everything in nice order for us. No luggage arrived! No night-shirt to sleep in!!" And in the morning"No sponge! I had to give myself a sort of sprinkle bath!"

Curate's Diary. Continued September 1877
Sunday 2nd Up at 7.15. Did some writing but not much. Stung by a wasp in the neck before Sunday School. Feast announced for Wednesday. About 300 in church. Wine ran short in flagon. I beckoned twice to Wheeler but the man never saw me. 28 at Annacrevy. 70 evening congregation.
Tuesday Called at 7.15. Slept on however until that vile bus-horn ruthlessly broke my slumbers at quarter to 9. Off to Rectory. Mr Quigley ran after with a letter from Mother. She encloses notes from the boys. Percy's most amusing. Had 2 little Adams girls at class and a new pupil, Edward Bewley, nice intelligent fellow about 7 years old. "received" Wardle's baby afterwards. Found Miss Lily and Miss Alice Lee on the road. The latter painting the forge. Went out at 3 o'c. Visited Mrs McMullen, Mrs Bunn, had a talk with the old fellow. He has kept his pledge for 3 months. Found Mrs. Patrickson in her cornfield. Sat awhile with Mrs Gilbert. Home at quarter to 6. Evening meeting pretty well attended.
Wednesday Lovely morning. Got up with some difficulty at quarter to 8. Met Archdeacon Streane( Archdeacon of Glendalough 1872-88) at the church, and having gone over the paper with him, satisfied the old gentleman. Pushed on to the rectory for the feast. Poured out innumerable cups of tea for the children. Set the boys and girls to work at breaking the bag of sweets, running etc. Ran a race of 150 yards with Mr Galbraith to the immense amusement of the bystanders and beat him well, without much trouble! The Le Fanu boys got up a game of football which was thoroughly appreciated. Hymns were sung to the harmonium on the terrace. Temperance medals were given out, and Sunday School prizes and all went off after hearty cheering for Rector and family and curate. I remained to dine. Played a duett with Miss G and a game of spelling. Home at 5 to 10. Read half an hour of Proctor in bed.
Sunday 10th 270 in church, including Ld Powerscourt. Hymns and chants well known. Congregation dragged to any extent! Started early for Annacrevy, visiting Mrs Burton en route. Her ankle is better….70 in evening service. So dark I could scarcely contrive to get through the lesson.
Monday Lady Verner's funeral drove up to the church. Day dark and threatening. Started for Dublin. Went over the hill to the (Crinken) parsonage and worked for an hour in the garden. Family up to the eyes in work for the wedding. ( Alice Hackett is to marry Rev John Baptist Crozier, who became Archbishop of Armagh in 1911) Went into town by 2 train. Did a good deal of shopping….. Caught the 5.30 train back. Made my little present to Alice (a toilet set) which was much liked. Started for home at 9.30, pouring rain all the way. Water over my boots 2 or 3 times. Got in at 11, rather wet. The night was awfully dark. I had in many places to feel my way along the wall!! Raining steadily all night.
Tuesday Desperate wet night. Called at my usual time, but slept again til 9 o'c! Awoke to find it pouring with unabated energy! Poor Willie Daunt to be married today. J.B. C. and Alice tomorrow!…..Went into the school for half an hour. Settled the pedals of the Harmonium. Sat with poor Rd. Keegan (Cookstown) whose wife died yesterday afternoon….
Wednesday Pouring rain from 7.30. Blue look-out for Alice Hackett's wedding. However, about 11.30 the sun broke through and shone out brightly scattering the clouds away right and left. I started at 11.20 and had a warm walk into Bray. Went up to the church and in due time friends arrived. The ceremony was brightened up by music which was performed by the Bridesmaids, other lady friends and the Bride herself, who sang like any ordinary mortal. I played and wound up with the Wedding March, to the great satisfaction of all present. Great preparations made at the Parsonage. I took in Mary Reeves and sat beside Julia Dix. Speeches by the Dean, J.B.C. and an amusing one by Ben Banks on behalf of the Bridesmaids. We young fellows remained for tea to keep up the spirits of the family. I started on my solitary tramp home at 9.30 ..
Sunday Good congregation. Rector preached a capital sermon for funds of Parish and between 2 services we got £200……
Tuesday Breakfast with Mr G. In the study he gave me a blowing up about not visiting the sick last week. On my way down met Vincent Le Fanu and Barry. Tried to mount bicycle and got an awful spill. Tried again and succeeded!……
Started for Annacevy. Taught there. Visited Onagh: first the Webbes, then the Buckleys. Went on to Mrs S. Keegans and had a long talk with her and Susan. Miss Taylor there. Spent some time with the Greens. Played ball with the girls. Home at 6. Took bath, dressed, read, started for Charleville. Met Lefroys, Mrs Crampton, Sir John etc. Played for Lady M. who was sickeningly sweet.
Sunday Good Sunday School. Boys said 46th Psalm very well. 220 in church. A small mouse careering round me during the sermon. Rector much pleased with my sermon and its delivery. Said it was the best he had heard me preach…..Mrs B.( the landlady) and I had a consultation about flannel shirts.
Wednesday Dull day. Very black about 11. Nonetheless, I set off up Kilgarron. Met Clara Walker near Curtlestown and had a talk with her. Met old Bethel Burton taking a stroll so we had some talk; he enlarging on "The War" Paid a short visit and went off to Nobles. Sat there a while and then went to Bradners. Mrs B. prepared lunch for me which I enjoyed. Went to see the 2 Hicks families. The upper family out. Cut across fields and had a talk with Lawson, who was at work binding his corn, despite a sprained ankle. Cut across Mervyn Burton's fields and scaled Powerscourt wall. Met party of the Lees who had been visiting gardens. Sat with Mrs Patterson and Mrs Penford and then faced home. Had a bath, dinner, some Handel. Read Robertson (Church History) Wrote some sermon.
Sunday 30th Pupils well up to time and lessons well said. 230 in Church. Music better and brisker. Had early dinner and went to sleep soon after. Oh,fie! Took a turn up Purgatory before evening service. 85 there. J.T.Buckley liked sermon and subject – Mark 2.17. Wrote long letter to mother.
Here ends this volume and this quarter at the same time. Tomorrow is screw- day and more power to it.

Curate's Diary continued October 1877
October 1st Monday morning and a very fine one too. Played a little and tried to do some reading. Started off for Monastery… and tackled the piano which was atrociously out of tune. Came back, read Newspaper and went to pay visits. Corrells(forge), Ludlow's, Burn's, J.T.Buckley's(shop) and had a long talk with Mrs Fennel. Invested in some stationery. Sent off a long letter to Mother. Cup of tea about half 6. Walked to Violet Hill for quarter to 8 dinner, which meal did not take place until quarter past 8 and lasted till near11 !!! Miss Keating sang rather well, don't altogether like her style though. One Farrell – treated us to 2 songs, "Spirito Gentil" which he sang with extraordinary expression, and "Kathleen Mavourneen" which he murdered entirely singing nearly 1/2 tone sharp occasionally! However he seemed quite satisfied & some others did also. Did not get away till 12.10. The Le Fanu's took me along with them. Home at 1.
Wednesday ( Whelan's brother-in-law, Edward Daunt, Rector of Greystones is visiting Enniskerry to speak at the Temperance meeting) Up at the rectory at 10. Eddie joined our usual reading, and then the rector sent us off to play tennis. After a couple of games with the girls, he and I set to work at a single game but in the middle of it I ran after a ball, put my foot in a hole and over I went on the ancle(sic). Sat down and removed shoe. Found it frightfully swelled. Ed went for P. Troy and we drove off to Dr. Darby,(who practised in Bray – probably at that time in Dargan Terrace – now Duncairn Terrace). After 1/2 hour's wait he came in. Said he thought the bone outside the ancle was broken. Put it up in a splint, gave us luncheon and sent us off. Mrs Galbraith called in the afternoon, and also the Daunts. Captain Halpin bandaged me up in great style. Daunts left by 5 bus, as Sarah Hackett drove up to take me to the parsonage to dine and conduct practice. I yielded to Sarah's argument to go there and be nursed and, putting up a few things went off. Poor Mrs Buckley looked as if she thought I was taking my life in my hand. Great was the amazement and grief of the family to find an invalid brought home . Conducted the practice, Sarah playing. Henry (Monck Mason Hackett) put up my foot in a huge bandage. Could not sleep for about 2 hours; rather feverish; but managed to get about 5 hours sleep – not so bad, on the whole.
Thursday (Crinken) Got up at 10 thirty and hobbled downstairs. Wrote to my friends and made myself generally useful and agreeable. Dr. Darby called but did not say much one way or another. Bill Roper turned up after the final rehearsal of the Bray Concert. Poor fellow, he was quite grieved to see me laid up. Of course we had great music in the evening.
Sunday Foot improving steadily. Got over to Church on Sarah's crutches 20 mins before service. Sat in Mrs. Magan's pew. (Mrs Magan was co-founder of Crinken Church) Enjoyed service very much. Sara played with great taste, a pleasing contrast to our Enniskerry organist!
Monday Rector visited me. Tried some Greek Testament and got through some but not very much…. Great sewing of buttonholes ,cuffs etc. Sewed some of Henry's cuffs on the machine…Bill and Nette marched off to see the Riall's gardens. John Crozier and Alice arrived at 7, from the honeymoon, and I had the honour of taking the latter in to dinner. Sang with Bill but didnt attempt a solo as I was bothered with my head.
Wednesday. Started for train in the phaeton, driven by Nette. Bill insisted on taking care of me into town. Put me in a cab. Came by 4 train to Maynooth. Met by father in the trap.
The next four weeks were spent in Maynooth with his parents, recovering.

Curate's Diary continued November 1877
Four weeks after his "smash", the Reverend Whelan is still at Maynooth. He reports that the "wounded limb" is stronger. He fills his time with reading for his exams, doing "cryptographs", playing music and taking drives with his mother. She "evinced great curiosity on the subject of Miss Deborah Carnegie (and) of course had to be enlightened." Miss D.C. is one of the many young ladies in whom he shows an interest, but she is the one he eventually marries.
Thursday 1st November Took a stroll in the garden where Jim was at work with the hatchet. Father mending trap so we had no drive. Wrote out "the Snowy Breasted Pearl" for the Da.
Sunday 4th rather a doubtful sort of day, rain coming down briskly after breakfast. I walked down to the church & read service for the Da. W.E. Gladstone was there with wife and daughter. All three remained for the Communion service. The parents lunched at Carton, & found Mr & Mrs Gladstone most friendly; in fact mother and Mrs G. got quite "thick"
Monday …..started for the 4 train for Dublin. The Gladstones going in too. The Duchess introduced me to Mrs Gladstone who sought the Premier and presented me to him. He talked very pleasantly to me for a few minutes. Lady Alice was there too & most friendly and chatty.
In Dublin he spends a few days attending meetings, including the general Meeting of the Choral Society where "there was a desperate row"; lunching with the Bishop in company with other young clerics; getting his hair cut ; ordering "laced boots,to cost 29/- at Peytons". Then ,in Bray he visits the Hacketts again and becomes very tired at a "great musical party" where he has "a little talk with Miss D.C. who looked lovely. I took her down to Supper. Was introduced to her father and mother. Mrs Purdon was there. She thought she had settled me with Sarah Hackett, so I let her think it"
Saturday 10th gave Georgie and Nette Hackett a music lesson, wrote sermon. After lunch repaired to Crinken church, and gave an organ recital of nearly 1 and a half hours. Mrs Carnegie and Miss D. delighted beyond measure. Then Sarah and Nette drove me safely to Enniskerry, & delivered me to my landlady who joyfully received me. Found everything snug here. Sat up til 11 & finished sermon.
Sunday Pouring wet day, howling wind & lashing rain! Hospital Sunday ( this day 12 months I came down to play Organ and arranged to come as curate – it was such another day – the Prince had come to Powerscourt that Sunday) Got £ 21 .2.1 although only 70 or 80 in church. Went to lunch with Mr and Mrs Galbraith. Couldn't fit into his dry garments, so wore my own wet ones! Got a warm welcome from Mrs G. Rain so heavy that Anacrevy was out of the question. Rain cleared in time for the evening service and we had about 45 including our beautiful soprano. Quiet evening at home.
Monday made up my accounts. Mrs B. refuses to charge me for the month I was laid by. Went out and paid three visits. Walsh, Correll, and Burns. Had a talk with old Mr Bunn who looks right well and has kept his pledge for six months. Tried reading more Greek testament before dinner and nearly went to sleep over it. Mrs Keegan of Ballinagee died today.
Thursday Mr Sutton (W.R. Keegan's brother –in-law) called at 10 to say that half one was the time for the funeral at Powerscourt graveyard. I got a lift from John Hicks & was there within 5 minutes of time specified. But poor Wm Keegan blurted out something about my being late. I was rather shocked and pained but said nought.
Saturday Another clear beautiful day. I put on my new boots and went off to the Old Churchyard. After 2 minutes the funeral of Mrs Loftus Keegan (Ringsend) arrived, I had a talk with Leonard Hicks, who wishes to come to Commn. Spoke to poor Wm Keegan who seemed quiet and resigned ( I am sure his hasty word at his wife's funeral meant nothing)
Tuesday Up to the rectory for my usual talk and reading. Looked into Williams to enquire for the measley baby. In at the school for half an hour. Read til half 2. Wrote (3) letters. Visited Mrs Walsh, Bulwer, Quigley and then Glenbrook where I stayed 2 hours. Miss Crampton gave me a full and true account of the doings of the Vestry during my absence. About 30 at meeting. Mr G. gave a right good address about St. Pauls travels & work. Did some more reading and filled in the register for marriage tomorrow.
Wednesday 21st Woke at 8 & instantly became aware of shouting men & squealing pigs in the street. It is fair day, and they don't seem to mind the rain much! I was up at the church at 11 sharp, & just then the wedding party drove up. Married Thomas Sutton to Jane Booth, both answered well, and everything went smoothly; signatures & everything complete before half 11.
At the end of the month he exchanges pulpits with Mr Daunt in Greystones, swims in the sea , and spends a day in Dublin, visiting a photographer, Schroeders, "where he took me in two positions but these being unsuccessful, he tried two more which were better"; going to music meetings, buying gloves and a " frame in which I mounted the parents"
Saturday Wind somewhat abated, & not so cold. Read and wrote till 2. Played a fugue, had lunch and went to see Mrs Kearnon. Found her discussing some tea. Had a good practice. Mrs Bulwer there, had a word with her afterwards. Went to see theLe Fanu's & paid a long and pleasant visit. Victor nearly over the measles, but Hughie & Emmie just getting them.

The Curate's Diary. December, 1877
Sunday 2nd Lovely morning. Classes full and up to time. Good congregation too. About 45 at Sacrament. Went to Annacrevy. Fully 30 there – the most I have seen. Rather tired on the bad limb when I got back, partly owing to new boot. Preached on John 6.27. Took tea at the Pittars & had talk & music.
Tuesday: Went up to the rectory, Mr Wynne was there and joined us in the study.. In aftn. Went to see the Philpotts. & then on to Glenbrook where I found Mrs Sandys. Miss Phillipa mended a rip in my glove & I, to make a small return, held a skein for her to wind. Advent Lecture at 6. Mr Good preached a grand sermon on John the Baptist, Sin and Repentence. Dined at rectory – some music & great talk about the drinking habits of the better classes ( ladies as well as gentleman) Home at 10 1/2. Foot rather hot and slightly puffy.
Wednesday Went into the school at 10, & opened with hymn & prayers. Put the children over several tunes and ground them a bit, accompanied them on the harmonium…..heard two brats yelling the following stave in the street today at the top of their lungs:
so I there and then committed it to paper.
Saturday Wrote away diligently til 1, and did an hour's Pearson(for his exam) Had a good gathering at the practise. M.C. was there but sang very small; never fear, she will make up for it tomorrow! Took a turn up as far as Fasseroe gate and back. Miss Crampton kindly sent me a present of a fine hare; good old lady! Worked until 11 1/2 and then retired. N.B. Received proof of photo this morning. Perfectly atrocious - Mrs B. howled over it.
Wednesday 3 boils have been developing on a most inconvenient part of my person. They began on Monday and now begin to wear a serious aspect, so I must treat them. Read til 1, and solaced myself with the old "G Minor." …. Visited old Turner who has been very poorly for a couple of days. He was up however and we had some pleasant talk together and a word of prayer. He prayed most beautifully and fervently for my welfare & success in the coming exam… til dinner. Began sermon. "Express" reports are all full of Plevna
( Plevna was a fortress town in Bulgaria taken by the Russians from the Turks after a siege which lasted 143 days. 20,000 Russian soldiers were killed)
Thursday sat on linseed poultice nearly all day, which, on the whole, was most agreeable! Only got three pages sermon done……
He continues to suffer for several more days, applying poultices and struggling through his duties – on the Sunday he takes the " cushioned seat during the sermon", and the Rector commiserates. After a "wretched night"…..
Monday ….. Sent a note to Dr Rice who came at 3 1/2 and lanced the large boil. Had a letter this morning from mother who does not seem to realise my sufferings at all!
Thursday 20th (Exam days in Dublin) Got up at 8 1/4. Palace at 10 to 10. Morning service. Got a collect to turn into Latin. Then a paper on the Old Testament from Scott. Bit of lunch at 1 1/2; went and had my hair cut. In the afternoon had a dreadful doctrinal paper from the Archbishop. Back to 73 Harcourt Street Took some dinner with the family and had some pleasant talk with dear Mrs Hackett; went to dine at the Palace.
Tuesday 21st This day 12 months I was ordained at Hollywood. Took a car to the Palace. Got a stiff paper on new Testament & "Fathers". Sent telegram to Mrs B. to forward my Parchments. Hard paper from Lee in History. The Archbishop examined me in Greek testament and I did fairly. He was very kind and gave me every chance. By 5 o/c my brains had had quite enough of work. Spent a quiet evening at 73.
(Archbishop Richard Chevenix Trench)
Saturday At the Palace by 8.30. Breakast with his Grace. Had an hours run after that and found Mr Quigley on the doorstep of 73 with my documents. Returned to Palace at 11 . Short paper in Pastoral Theology. His grace charged us at 2 o/c and having signed the Declaration, we left.
Sunday Went up to St Ann's with Garrett.(another of the curates) Enjoyed the service much. Culwick played duett and chorus from St Paul and I felt quite affected by it. The Archpb gave me a Bible. St. Patrick's at 3 o/c. Enjoyed the service greatly. Sir Robert played his great Christmas voluntary "Nazareth" ( Sir Robert Prescott Stewart, renowned organist, composer, choral director and professor of music at TCD)
Monday Christmas Eve….Went to palace and got letter of priest's Orders. Met Bill Roper who helped me get presents for the Hackett girls…. Made up 11 letters for the post. Down to Bray by 4 1/2 train. Called at No. 11 & was asked to dine. Accepted willingly. Played for Miss Deb and got her to sing 2 or 3 songs for me. Home at 1/4 to 11 Found a nice present from Mrs Buckley of 1/2 dozen cambric habndkfs, also a pretty Xmas card.
Christmas Day Up at 7.1/4. Service at 8. 130 there. 100 Communicants. Noon Service. 230. 50 Commts. Walked up the road with the rector. Went in to the Le Fanu's and had some lunch. Found on my return 8 letters for me.
He then walks to Bray to dine with friends(Caldbecks at Eaton Brae) and comes home at midnight.

Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— January 1878.
New Year at Maynooth with his family: ......We presented ( father) with Burnaby?s "Ride to Khiva" which he fully appreciated. ( this refers to a much applauded book by Captain Frederick Burnaby of Greystones).....the boys and I assisted by I. Chanler, levered the henhouse across the yard, but not being able to get it through the gate we cut it right through the middle and hoisted one side on the donkey cart. Left it in the garden. Began sermon in the afternoon.
Thursday 3rd: Repaired at 8 1/2 to the boys? room to find the bath had already been occupied by the three & looked somewhat like pea-soup & felt quite tepid. Got a little more sermon done. Set to work and carted away the other 1/2 of the henhouse into the garden where we fixed the two together. Day so wet , we stayed at home.
Saturday 5th: left my sorrowing family by 10 train. Weighed at station - 13st.9lbs. Sir Robert waylaid me and hauled me off to the Keatings to settle about the con- cert. Came home by Express ( with Percy)
Sunday: Good congregation. Rector preached a capital sermon. Percy and I went to Annacrevy. 22 there. 70 at evening service. Wild evening. Had a good dinner and stayed quiet.
Monday; Got word the Bethel Burton was very ill, so went up and administered Hy Comm to him. He hardly knew me. Got an awful wetting as to my limbs, but walked home pretty quickly and got a change. Percy and I took a cup of tea and started by bus to Bray. Discoursed Sibthorpe ( curate of Delgany) at the station. Down to "Campanella"(at Killiney) by 6 train. Spent a very pleasant evg both ladies so friendly and nice; we were both loath to leave which we did by the 10.20 train; reached home 20 to 12.
Tuesday: Up to the church at 11. No pupils there so played the organ til 11.1/4 & then left. Visited the school for 20 mins. Wrote to mother. After lunch Percy and I started up the hill. Went up Newtown and turned in a old Harry T. Went on and saw Miss Larkin, called on Montgomery?s and left card. Digby and I had a long talk and I spoke very plainly to him. Had about 45 at (Temperance ) meeting. Percy and I had great talk afterwards about the matrimonial question and other important ones.
Friday: Lovely morning. P and I went up Sugarloaf. Hard frost last night. We ate ice in large quantities. Rested a while and enjoyed the view. Descended and paid Beale a visit. Crossed the Commons and visited the Suttons. P went off over the Deerpark wall and I called at Jones? (Ballinagee), Irvine?s (Valclusa), and Hopkins (Deerpark) Joined the lad and walked home rather tired.
Monday: dark and doubtful day. Williams called for me & drove me to see Hannah, who has erysipelas in the head badly. Went on to Bethel B?s and then sent W. home. Visited Mrs Burton and her old brother–in-law. She feasted me! Left a card on Widow Noble. Called at Hicks and Quigley?s. Smelt an odour of peppermint off Mrs -! Sat with Mrs Burrows & then with Philpot at the hotel. Got a note from Mrs Ffennell. Spent the evening there.
Thursday: Went to hear singing next door & paid Mrs Sweetman a long visit. Worked at sermon. Le Fanu boys getting Magic Lantern ready for the aftn. Went up the hill & saw Lawrences and Wards. Bulwers out. Called at Burns. Mrs Burns not very well. Children assembled in school at 4.1/4. Cakes were handed out after the Hymn and address. I had to cut and had a very hard run for the train, but watch being 5 minutes fast got there in plenty of time.( spent the evening with the Symes ladies in Killiney)
Saturday: rather a damp sort of day. Small practise. The little boys woefully flat. Rector sent me off to visit old Booth who is very ill. Could make no impression on him, but did my best and prayed for him. Had a rough walk there and back. Got home hungry and tired but recovered & got my sermon finished before 11.
Sunday: Jupiter Symphony came from Piggotts. Mr. G. at Calary again ( doing duty for Parish Curate John Edge, who was ill) I preached without MS again at Annacrevy and with greater ease. Pleasant walk home. Met the young Moncks on the way. Overtook Miss Crampton and Miss Jephson coming down the hill. Rector could not get back for evening service so I had it all to myself.
Monday: Got a latter from Mr G sending me off to see Rd. Burton, found him better and up. Visited all the Barnamire folk & was feasted by Mrs Rbt B. Saw old Bethel, who looks poorly enough and suffers much from cough. Came down by Knockbawn & the Millers, sat with O?Connors for a while. Had a talk with Leslie on my way home. Wet and stormy. Came back rather fagged and blown about. Had a cup of tea...
Thursday: Played a bit of Mozarts? Requiem. Didn?t feel much on for writing, so started for Annacrevy; taught there for a while and went on to Glaskenny. Visited old Sam & his wife, sat with Mrs Harricks...Snowing and raining steadily, fortunately very little wind as I had no Mackintosh with me. Crossed the field to Onagh and got filthy. Sat with the old woman who is wonderfully clear. She is in bed with "the pains". Trudged off to Ballinagee; had a word with old Byrne. Hannah W. looks better but suffers great pain now and then. Came on and sat with Miss Larkin (one of her bad days).Dr. Barrington came in, so I left him in possession. Slept soundly for an hour after dinner; wrote 4 pages after tea and went to bed.
Friday: Snowing as hard as it can! An icy wind blowing all day. My ideas too frozen to write and my fingers too stiff and cold to play much. Started for St Valorie. Found all well and got abused for staying away so long.
Sunday: Galbraith away at Carrickmacross. M. Day preached at morning service( possibly Maurice Day, Rector of Killiney) He did not turn up until the end of the Venite. However I had my sermon with me and was prepared to go through everything. The Adams party & WCR (Bill) in church for evening service. Went home with them and spent the night.
Monday: St Valorie Bill and the Adams went off to Dublin by the 9 train. I made a grand telephone for the little girls & then started for home. Took early lunch and started for Barnamire. Sat with Bethel and Richard Burton. Went round the hill and called at Mrs Sutton?s (out). Paid a long visit to Crone, & was regaled with coffee and an egg. Sat with old Booth who is looking better and sits by the fire. Went up the hill and sat with Hannah W. who is mending steadily. Got home at six.
Wednesday: ... after lunch visited Williamsons and Gossetts ( when Mrs. Gossetts twins were baptised her address is given as "The Dargle" and occupation as "Cook") Played Virginia?s piano. Mrs G said that she had heard that I was a "splendid musician and pianist?. Passed Lady Laura (Grattan) on the road and recd a gracious bow. Met Mr Pittar who had come over to Millers to expostulate – Craig and Co had been indulging in some artillery practice next door!

Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— February 1878.
Dull sleepy sort of day. Read a little. Sat with Philpot who is suffering a good deal still with the foot. Started at 1 for Crinken. Had some lunch. Miss Deb came in and we all adjourned to the Organ where I enjoyed myself for an hour. Paid a visit to Mrs Bookey and Mrs Riall & made great friends with the little twin girl, Edith. Reached home at 6.5 and having read for half an hour, went to dine at the rectory. Victor Le F. was there too, & we had a quiet pleasant evening.
Tuesday Up to Mr G. for our usual talk. Only 4 at class. Had a chat with Mrs Kearnon at the corner. She hoped my ankle was not a "dethriment" to me. Read the Ecclesl. Gazette. Went out and visited Towson (Kilmolin) and Hickses. The latter have started a shop lately.....
Wednesday A great day for Ireland! At Christchurch Bray etc...( Elizabeth Hayes of St Helen's, Bray, was married to John McCully. Officiating priests were Rev EH Whelan and Rev FC Hayes of Raheny) It was a very gay wedding and everything went well. I had to propose the health of the bride and groom and to return thanks for my own, which I did in 2 neat and appropriate speeches.
Friday Did some work and played a little. Catechised at the school. Went off and visited Captn Halpin. Had a talk with Mrs Gilbert and crossed over to Youngs. The children have all been laid up with the "Swine-pock." Paid a short visit at Phrompstown and then took a cut across the fields home.... Fair attendance at class tonight. Worked at the sermon until 11. Mrs Buckley (Lacken) died today.
Saturday 9th ......Afternoon cold and dreary so set off to St Valerie for the walk and to enquire for Eddie. Found that he was dangerously ill with Pneumonia! Dr Head telegraphed for. Came back and worked at sermon til 11, finishing it.
Sunday 10th .. after dinner I set off through the fog to St Valerie. Eddie a trifle better this evg. They are all more or less knocked up of course. Left before ten and shaped for home.
Tuesday Started to Annacrevy and catechised. Sat with old Mrs Keegan, went on and paid poor Booth a visit. Saw Mrs S. Keegan and Susan. Went to Bahana and finished up with Hannah Williams. Poor girl, she has had her head shaved & does not look more picturesque on that account. Got home at 6.10 rather tired.
Wednesday 13th Mr G and I started to walk to the clerical meeting, called in at St Valerie and heard from Fraulein the sad news. Poor dear fellow he was conscious to the very last & died most happily. (In his 21st year, Edward BH Adams, the dearly loved son of Thomas W Adams, St Valerie – from the newspaper)
Meeting at Mr. Eustace?s (Curate of Kilbride 1872-83) 12 or 13 present. Walked home with Mr G as far as the big tree. Very raw cold night. Sat by the fire and read pamphlet on the Reformation in Mexico.
Thursday ... made for Ballybrew. Visited old Mrs Williams who was very glad to see me and talked away in her usual style. Had a little talk with Old Mrs Buckley ( at Rbt B?s) and then went out with little Mary to see "Aunt Mag"; paid a very pleasant visit and was entertained with tea. Sat awhile with Kattie Leslie and then crossed the fields and Knocksink to Glenbrook. Miss Crampton as jolly as ever.
Friday15th Started for Bray in a slight shower. Enquired at St Valerie. Mrs Adams very ill with inflammation of the lungs......
Saturday Dear Mrs Adams much worse. Dr Head called in. Tom Hackett and I walked up to Mt Jerome, & found a large number awaiting funeral. I read the first part of the service over the remains of my poor friend Eddie Adams.....
Monday 18th beautiful mild day,. ..heard the sad news from Bill Roper. (At St Valerie, Bray, of inflammation of the lungs, Mary Jane dearly beloved wife of Thomas W Adams.Funeral will start at 8.30 on Thursday morning, arriving at Mt Jerome about half past 10.) Took the 2 train to Greystones. Walked on to Delgany and dined with the Sibthorps; made great friends with little Emily. Lecture commenced at 7. Music went fairly. I sang "In Native Worth"( from Haydn's Creation) and was in capital voice. Wingfield and I were driven down to the train and arrived in town at 73 Harcourt at 10 to 10. Had great glee singing. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Miss Deb was there and looked so nice. Did not get to rest until near 2.
Wednesday Started off through Powerscourt, met Mr. G. and his Revd brother. Old Doyle showed us the carcases of rats killed last night in traps along the ditch; I counted roughly 46! Went on to see old Bethel. He looks rather worse and does not think he can last very long. Visited Bradners and was fed. Old Mrs Noble was rejoiced to see me.
Thursday Up at 7. Started off at 8.10 for St. Valerie. Went into the house and saw the coffin carried downstairs. Had a word with poor Dot who looked so nice in her deep mourning dress. Went into town in the 2nd carriage & shared the service with Mr Eustace, who spoke most touchingly of our dear departed friend. Tom, Bill and I walked back together........
Saturday worked away, feeling very stupid and stiff in the back. Paid visits on my way to church. Had a fair practise. Just as we concluded Sarah Hackett came in wanting the key of the old churchyard. So I joined the expedition , of course. Drove out at Little?s gate ( Golden gate) and went up Ballornane rd for primroses.
Sarah and I scrambled & gathered leaving Georgie to take care of the machine. Had a gay drive through the Dargle and left them at the big tree. Came home to my dinner. Rather stupid and "idealess" over my sermon. Finished by 12.
Sunday Lovely day. Fine congregation. Poor Mr Adams, Harry and the little boys there. Mr G paid him a long visit in the aftn. I took Anacrevy. Only about 15. Sam Buckley?s sister, Mrs Booth , dead. Maria C?s voice peculiarly delicious this evening! Mr G. praised my text, sermon and delivery. Had my dinner... mended my braces with some chamois leather which Mrs B gave me... Played a chorus after tea and then made out a sketch of monthly programme of hymns. Got to bed a little after 11 but got no real sound sleep till 4 o?c by reason of the gambols of 2 sportive mice, who actually boarded me.
Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— April 1st: ( Bill Roper is staying with him)
High wind. Occasional violent showers, hail and otherwise. Bill started at 8.30 for St Valerie, coming back for breakfast....had a bit to eat and started for Sugarloaf. Caught in a snow shower near Miss Larkin. Went in to visit. No sign of Carnegie's party when I reached Killough. Walked along the Rocky valley and climbed Stylebawn. After about 10 minutes, saw the cavalcade approaching. Got into the carriage with Mrs C., Miss Barter and Miss Deb. No going up the Sugarloaf today. Wind too high. Drove to Deer Park. Walked up one drive and back by the Waterfall. Had a great deal of pleasant talk with Miss Deb. Dined with them in the evening. Lot of music, Bill, the ladies and I contributing. Home at 12 1/2. Freezing cold night.
Tuesday.......went off to see Capt. Halpin. Waited for Bill on the road. Then started off behind Ballyman, down to Old Connaught Avenue and into Bray. Got home at 6 1/4 after about 9 miles. Rather footsore owing to Peyton's ill fitting boots.
Saturday:... I did some sermon and then set off up the hill. Saw poor Mrs Munroe, who has lost her little child and been confined, then went on to Leslie's where another little one lay dead. Rushed off to St. James'( Crinken) and got there just in time. Gave them a good grind and played some things for the little girls. ( Nette had brought some bread and butter which I consumed on the way.) A little late for my own practice. Rector away. Taught them new chant and hymn.... Then read service over the grave of little Prot. orphan.
Tuesday: Up to the rectory. Class at 11. Baptised Wm Henry Ward ( who howled vigorously) Going to sit down to lunch, when in walked the Miss Symes from Kingstown. Bill then came in from his walk. Father came by the 3.20 bus. I was out visiting Miss Darlington. We all took a walk through Knocksink. Dined at the Galbraith's and had tea there. Father and I took the service; the Rector sat near the door and sloped off to dine at Charleville.
Wednesday: To Bray for the Confirmation. K. Williamson and two Powerscourt girls confirmed.... Met Mr Bernard who told me of Richard Burton's sudden death. Back at my abode where I discussed a chop, dressed and went to dine at Charleville. Pretty fair evening. Talked and wrote Miss Fan Monck for nearly an hour. Home at 20 to 12. Waited up for Bill who turned in about 12.30 ( Miss Frances Monck – always known as Fan – was a deaf mute, which explains EHW's words. She carried paper and pencil to communicate with those who could not use sign language. All the people on the estate learned to sign. She was at this time about the same age as EHW, an attractive and talented young woman)
Thursday: Rector sent me off to Annacrevy. Sent Bill round Barnamire while I catechised and visited old Mrs Keegan. Came home and had a wash..... started for aftn tea at Bushy Park. Pleasant party there. Saw house, gardens etc. Returned home at 6 1/4. Bill off to St V. I sat down to my sermon, when Bulwer came in (armed with a revolver!) Wrote 8 pages before 12. Bill stayed at St V. Friday: Bill did not turn up at 10, so I started off without him. He caught me up in Powerscourt. The Le F's overtook us at White's gate and got to Lough Bray 35 mins before us. Very pleasant party. Some of us went up the Rock, Hughie and I going the highest. I had a swim in the lake wh. was very cold. Jolly party at luncheon. Great fun over a glass of champagne poured out for me! Bill and I started at 3 and reached home in 1 1/4 hours. Mr G. took first part of the funeral service (Rd. Burton) and I, having run home for a change of boots, took the conclusion. Read a letter from Mother and another from Constance( sister). Up to tea at the Le Fanu's...stayed til 11 1/2. Tom and Fletcher laid up with sprained ancles.
Monday: Gave the schoolchildren a lesson in singing. Went up to see old Bethel in the aftn. His room like an oven . Visited all the Barnamire people. James Burton gave me a great hearing about not doing my duty and visiting them oftener and looking after poor Richard. Got home rather tired and hungry. Nearly went to sleep over my book, but struggled hard and didn't give in.
Tuesday: Up to the church for my class. At work for 1/4 hour when the wedding party began to arrive. Had to send the class home. The bride ( Annie Burton married John Mason of Cluen) arrived at 12.5 – married the couple and received £ 1 fee! Went to rectory and entered my visits. Lunched with the Le Fanu's and had a game of tennis with Miss Le F. Went on and found poor Bulwer laid up on the sofa. Mr & Mrs Bulwer went off to Powerscourt and I stayed with HAB . ( Henry Alan Bulwer) til 6 1/4. Played piano in the evening
Good Friday 19th: Service at 11.30 about 80 present. Visited Wm Williams, old Booth and Miss Larkin.. Went to Glenbrook for a couple of hours, had tea & music & thanked the ladies for the ?bracket' and sea kale.
Saturday: Worked all morning..Went over to Ffennel's & joined their tennis until 6 o'c; cane home and found A.G (friend, Alfred Gorham) waiting for me. He went out for a pipe after dinner and retired to bed at 9. Got my sermon done by 11.10. (Miss Philipa sent me a ?nail' for the bracket.
Easter day: Terrible rain. Only 23 at 8 o'c. Good number at 11.30. Went to Annacrevy where there were only 12. Home at 5 for my cup of tea. About 65-70 at evening service. Churched Mrs Wardle. Hardest day I have had yet – not tired in the least.
After the Easter Vestry "where everything went off qui- etly", he sets off to Liverpool to attend the wedding of his friend, Disney Robinson., and returns six days later
Saturday: Arrived at North Wall at six after a fine passage of 5 hours. Tried 26 TCD (where his brother had rooms), but kicking at the door proved unavailing so I went off to Bill Roper's diggings. Called at 73 and came out with the girls ( by train, to Crinken) Took the practice, which was not large. Was driven home in time for my own practice. Played Tennis at Ffennells until dinner time. AG turned up in the middle of the night and got in the window.
Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— May 1878.
May 1st Started by 9 bus for Dublin. Called at 73, saw some of the family. Mr. Hackett took me in a cab to Synod Hall. Service for the Reopening of Christ Church Cathedral commenced at 11. Choir fair, Organ beautiful. The service was very good but the sermon was perfectly inaudible. We, unfortunate clerks sat in the Lady Chapel where we could not hear a word. I remained for Sacrament, which lasted till 2 1/2 !!! Went down to Trin. Coll. and was fed by Jem (his brother) . Went and paid bills.... Dinner at 73 at 6. WCR and WEC were there. ( these two friends were cousins. William Eaton Caldbeck lived in Bray, and William Caldbeck Roper in Clondalkin) Went to Harmonic Soc meeting after. Wretched attendance! Got home at1/4 to 12
Friday Went to see Miss Larkin and Mrs Townsend and administered Hy Com at both places. Old Miss Cross had a bit of the bread broken off, and seemed to be going to keep it, however I made her eat it at once. Had the Temperance meeting all to myself. Dr. Barrington there and helped. Miss Jephson sent me a fine present of rhubarb.
Sunday Coming back from Annacrevy, saw 3 squirrels climbing a tree. I began to whistle and they all remained quiet and listening for nearly a minute.
Monday Rained steadily all day. Cashed my PO and paid Wogan 4/6 . Visited old Mrs Buckley. Went up to Seaview. HAB got a fall off his bicycle today & 'smashed his countenance'. He and I and Mrs Bulwer played Billiards and I got on in great style. (Henry Alan Bulwer's aunt, Dorothea Bulwer, described elsewhere as 'the cleverest woman in Ireland,' was married to Humphrey Lloyd, Provost of Trinity and late owner of Kilcroney House. Provost Lloyd's photograph is displayed in Kilbride Church)
Wednesday Pouring wet day, just like Monday, rather worse in fact. Up at Church at 10 min to 8. Funeral of WH Keegan's old servant, Mary Keary, Fair going on all day. Tried some sermon, but squealing pigs and shouting men were too much for me so I gave in. Wrote to Mrs Rd Burton about Prot.Orphan Society, and sent letter to Mr Robt Burton. Lady Monck invited me for tennis on Friday. Went to Bulwers and brought them their umbrella, Worked on sermon til 11. Got to page 8
Thursday Mrs Rd Burton came in about Prot Orphan business. Had some bother about witnesses.... Went to Glenbrook and worked from 4 to 6 mowing the grass. Enjoyed myself and the work was applauded highly. Had a bath and went off to dine with HAB. Had a pleasant evening of music and billiards.
Friday HAB came down and took me off to put up hurdles with him. We went to Charleville to play tennis, but it came on to pour, and we stayed in the house. Got a seat home with Miss Crampton and Miss J. Took my dinner in a hurry. HAB wanted to take me down to the station, but I wouldn't let him take the horse out in the wet. Started in the rain and got a regular soaking and splashing but didn't suffer for it. Caught the 8 train ... fair party at 73. Got home very tired at 1.
Sunday Mr G not down at Sunday School. Fair Congregation and his Revce gave us1/4 hour sermon. HAB came in near 5 very wet . We had a cup of tea and went up to the Church. Mr G got a ducking coming home from Annacrevy, so did not turn up for evening service. It was very dark & I could only just read my sermon. Started for Bray at 7.20, had a warm walk. Noone at No.11 – so I came straight home again.
Monday Taught at Annacrevy school. Visited O'Connors, Millers, Harricks, Buckleys, Mrs Burton & Widow Noble. Great excitement at Glaskenny. Frank Buckley's dog went mad and bit one or two others; so four 'bow-wows' were put to death this morning. Got home 1/4 to 6, awfully hungry, having eaten nothing since breakfast. Bill Roper turned up at 9 1/2, also HAB, & we —made a night of it?
Monday Stormy, showery day. Sat with old Pittar for 1 1/2 hours (he had injured his knee) ... to Pattersons and Penfords & was caught in a heavy shower. Sat with Sergeant and Mrs Wheeler. Dined with the Galbraiths and drove off to Bray with them & Miss AMP to hear Mr Rhynd give a lecture on Sun. Sch. Teaching. Liked him and his lecture. Got back at 10 1/2. Had a cup of tea with the Pittar girls over which we made merry. ( Ada Pittar was one of the Sunday School Teachers; she was 20)
Thursday. After we had our talk (at the rectory) , I crossed the Dargle; a very tolerable flood in it, wh. took me nearly up to my waist! Sat with old Biddy Quin who promised me eggs.
Ascension Thursday had the whole service and Communion to myself. About 50 there and 25 remained. Came back and arranged my affairs. Found a large parcel from the Misses Pittar, enclosing a hand glass most carefully made up in 11 coverings of paper and one of hay. Visited Burns & Mrs Patrickson. Came home & dressed myself. Walked to Bray and dined at No 11. Took Miss D to dinner and had pleasant talk. Left at 11 1/4. Pat D.(harness maker) accompanied me as far as St. Valerie. He was very drunk! Home at12.25, rather tired.
Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— June 1878.
Saturday June 1st: Turned into a very hot day. Worked away til after 12,and then set off to see the Captain (Halpin), with whom I lunched. Went down to Glenbrook and did some work in the garden. Got awfully eaten by midges. Mlle Phillipa conversed me most pleasantly and picked me a bunch of flowers. Finished sermon before 11.
Sunday 2nd Severe cold in the head. Went to Annacrevy. Only 10 there, the rest at the funeral of James Burton's sister. Got back to the church at 5, baptized Hewitt's baby and churched the mother. Rested in vestry til service time. The Rector experimented with the reading desk in different position!. Very hungry and stowed away a good dinner. Read and played after tea. Wrote a PS to mother's letter. Bed at 4 minutes after 11. When I had slept for about half an hour, I was waked by tremendous knocking at the hall door., and Mrs Buckley came up to say that the Captain was dying. Dressed in a minute, and started as the town clock struck 12. Met poor Bob at the Cross Roads, and he told me that the poor Captain had just breathed his last. Found all the poor women wailing and crying when I reached the house. Said what little I could to comfort them and we joined in prayer round his bed. Poor Mrs Buckley arrived a minute after, and was wonderfully calm. Dr. Rice came in too and looked at the body. He and I waited in the house all night. Alicia made us some tea at about 4o'clock. The Dr. slept soundly on the sofa, Tommy B. lay down with the dog on the rug and went to sleep. I closed my eyes for 3/4 hour and that was all. We sent off Bob at 1.10 with the car, to Wicklow to fetch Captain Richard Halpin. They came back about 8 1/2 or 9. Good old Sam Buckley (Phrompstown) had come over at 7 o'clock and we had some talk together. Went over the papers with Capt. Richard H. and counted up money etc. Came home with Mrs Buckley at 10 o'c on
Monday morning, feeling stupid and queer. Had a bath and shaved, tried to read something but found it better to close my eyes. Had an hour's doze and woke to hear Mr Pittar coming up the stairs. He paid me a visit and we had a good deal of talk. After he went , tried reading again but again slept and so on all afternoon. Feeling I must get fresh air, went out, paid Wogan's bill, & crossed the fields to visit the Knoxes; found Mrs K at home and had a long and pleasant visit. Made friends with the 2 eldest little boys.
Wednesday 5th Went up to the Monastery at 10 o'c to attend the poor captain's funeral. Mr G. drove me part of the way with it. ( Captain Thomas Halpin was buried in the family vault in Wicklow.) Came back and started for Annacrevy. Visited the school. Went to see old Mrs Keegan at Onagh. Sat with Mrs. Sam Keegan., and old Booth (whom I found shaving himself). Went on to Bahana , then to Hopkins, & finished off with a pleasant visit at Antons( Powerscourt Head Gamekeeper) . Had a bath, dined and began to read when Sydney Barrington came in and carried me off to play tennis at the Ffennel's (one of the daughters of Edward Barrington of Fasseroe was Selina Ffennell. The Ffennels appear to be living in Enniskerry Lodge on the Church Hill at this time) Had tea with them and came home at 10. Mrs Buckley had only just returned from the funeral. Had an hour's talk with her before bedtime.
Whit Monday Raining off and on…Great crowd of people. Some heads broken and some windows too.Visited Mrs Bernard and had some pleasant talk.Went up to the Pittars and did an hours work in their garden. They made me stay to dinner. We all watched the people going home.
Tuesday. Terrible rain last night. A drunken man was careering about all night kicking up a great row. Waited on the rain until 10.20. and then went up to the rectory. Got a good sprinkling. Had my talk with Mr G. Visited Hewitts, Mrs Curlett & Mrs Telford. Churched Mrs Penford. Mother and G. arrived by 3.10 bus and we had some tea. Chatted away gaily til dinner.. Got the key from Ada Pittar, & opened the library. Gee objected to be put to bed with me, but afterwards submitted with a good grace. Began my sermon. ( G. was six years old; the youngest of the Whelan family)
Wednesday Doubtful looking morning. Set off to Annacrevy; found the rector there before me. Returned through Powerscourt. All the men at dinner so I paid no visit. In the aftn., visited Mrs Towson, Burns and Ludlows. Called at Pittars with the library key. Took Mother over to Glenbrook, and after a cup of tea, went into the garden and worked til 6 1/2. G. employed his spare time making mud pies in the street with Tommy.
Monday. Took mother and the kids to the school to hear the children sing. Left them to visit Mrs Sweetman and trudged off up the hill. Paid Miss Larkin a visit and took the children in Scripture. Met the Galbraiths and Miss Norman (perhaps Mrs G's sister) going to visit Charleville farmyard. Got home at 1/4 to 4. At 4.10 Mrs Carnegie and Miss Deb came to drink tea with us. Mother greatly delighted with both! After dinner we walked through the Dargle and up the hill by the Rectory and got home at 9.5
Wednesday The great news of the day is that Mrs Galbraith had a son early this morning. ( Alexander Norman Galbraith)…..met Mr G. and congratulated him.
Saturday worked at sermon from the top of page 6. Rather larger numbers at the practice today . Mrs. Ffennel and Lyddie were there. Visited the Huttons and had a talk with poor Mustard. Called at the rectory but could not see the baby. Had some games of tennis with Alice G. Played left handed and was a match for her. Got home to a rabbit and bacon dinner. Tackled the sermon after tea and finished it at 11o'c. Wrote the last 14 pages of it today. Did some work on my shirt in bed, which kept me till after 12 o'clock.
Note: When Enniskerry Lodge was the Rectory in Canon Stokes' time, the children from Powerscourt NS would be taken up to play in "the Dell." – a green space in the rectory garden which had been a tennis court. Modern houses are now built there.
RevErnest Whelan's Diary - Continued - July & August 1878.
Monday 1st Glorious day. Went up to the rectory at 11; had talk with Mrs G. Nursed the baby , who came downstairs for the first time....
Tuesday Up at 6.had a bit of bread and some milk, & started off at a good swing for Bray Head, wh. I reached in 65 minutes. Had a delightful dip and went to the Carnegies. Miss Debbie let me in, and all welcomed me. Played the piano at no 11 until the bus passed. Did some small reading and went up to Seaview with HAB (Henry Bulwer) for lunch. Drove with them to Bushy Park and rode home on "Angela? while they went to hear the band play in Bray. Fair Meeting. Nasty Hymns! Read I. E. Ga- zette.( Alice Galbraith, the Rector's daughter, seems to have been in charge of the hymns for the Bible Meetings. She later became a missionary in Sudan)
Wednesday very sleepy this morning. Did some visiting, and some gardening for Miss Crampton. Went off after dinner to Ballinagee for the 1st Cottage Lecture. Maggie Walker came! No one else. So we had a little reading and prayer and I left. Met Montgomery and went into tea with him; had some very pleasant talk. Home at 10 1/2
Friday most of the day spent swimming in Bray with Bill Roper and playing tennis with assorted young people at Crinken parsonage. Home at 10 to 6. Took a bath, dinner and went to class. 23 present. Had several addresses from members. Held a committee meeting afterwards to talk about an Excursion for "The Band of Hope" . Wm Buckley gave me a £ 5 cheque. Wogan sent boots which are a good fit. Eddie Patrickson asked me to coach him in Latin.
Wednesday after a morning's work, and afternoon reading, Went to Miss Crampton to thank her for cucumbers; had a very peasant talk. Dined at 51/2 and started for Barnamire ( 2nd Cottage Lecture) . Visited Alice B. and found Joe looking much better. Had a little talk afterwards with Mrs Robt B. Bethel Burton?s parlour quite full.,over 20 there. Sang three hymns and got on fairly well with the address. Gave the pledge to Thomas Noble afterwards. Sat for a while with old Bethel and then set out for home..
Friday Went out and visited Miss Larkin, Hy Townsend and then Biddy. The latter very poorly and filthy and smelly. Went down to the spring for a can of water for her & talked to her for a while. Crossed the Dargle and through the Rectory garden. Met Mrs G coming in from her first drive. Had a game of tennis with Mr G. and stayed to dinner. Wrote to Lady Monck about Biddy. Sunday. Good congregation. Mr G preached for the Sunday School prizes and we got £ 4.9.3. Had a talk with Capt Walsh at the evening service. I am giving him some visiting to do in getting up the Temperance Fete.
Monday. Mr Carnegie gave me £1 for the Temperance Excursion. After 3 games of tennis and much walking ..Got dreadful blister on my little toe from Wogan?s shoes. Had gracious note from Lady M. about Biddy.
Sunday 20th Grand hot day. Rector preached a capital sermon., with some views on baptism. I took Annacrevy; about 22 there.(brother) Percy and I had a pleasant walk to and from. About 85 at evening service. Alexander Norman Galbraith baptised after 2nd lesson.Walked round with Mrs Sandys and Henry Le Fanu. After dinner strolled up Purgatory. Enjoyed the quiet evening air for 1/2 hour. (Henry was 8 years old at this time. He grew up to be The Most Reverend Henry Frewen Le Fanu, ap- pointed Primate of Australia in 1936)
Monday The heavens are still "as brass" and the earth "as iron". I went off to Charleville, but did not catch Lady Monaco (?) Visited old Biddy and found her looking very ill. She is in a house in Newtown.Went to Glenbrook for gardening. Worked like nailors until 6, and had something to show for our time. I was pouring with perspiration. Had a perfectly delicious bathe in Knocksink. Dressed up and went off to dine with Mrs Sandys. Played and talked until after 11.
Wednesday Percy and I went for a walk by Ballyman and back home over the fields. Started for Barnamire taking in Munroes and Joe Burton en route. Had a nice little meeting. Visited Mrs Burton of Annacrevy on the way home. She promised me some Barm Bracks and milk for the Temperance Excursion. Got home at 1/4 to 10 and enjoyed my tea mightily. Had a grand letter from Miss Crampton, demanding her hoe wh. she accuses us of stealing. Percy went over this evening to explain matters and was much entertained. ... subscriptions for excursion amount to £10.16.6. Prospects looking very well. ...visited Phrompstown. Got a promise of butter from Mrs Young for the excursion. Paid a visit to Berryfield and got another promise of butter.
Sunday 4th August Rector announced Band of Hope Excursion for next Thursday. Rather hot in church. Could scarcely keep my eyes open during the sermon. Mr G took Annacrevy and I slept soundly in the afternoon. At 5 1/2 found the church pitch dark. Had to raise the book from the desk to read. Got half way through the first lesson when Wheeler came to my relief with a candle. At dinner 13 large machines full of people drove up. Corks began to fly and band to play. Stayed in and had a talk with Mrs B. Letter from Mrs Le Fanu promising 10/- subscription and bottles of raspberry vinegar. Wednesday..... now all we want is a fine day tomorrow!!!
Thursday And it was a fine day. Breakfasted at 8 and helped to pack the things. At 1/4 to 11 we assembled in the Depository and sang a hymn. Started at 11.10. I took up my position in the first drag and sat between Jas. Cowill and Matt Quigley. At Delgany we were passed by the great Captain Burnaby & Miss Whitshed taking a sweet drive together. ( this was the great romance of the day because Miss W. was a ward in chancery at the time Capt B married her. i.e: she was very young & very wealthy) Arrived at the Rectory, Greystones at 1 o'c. The Daunts met us and showed us the field. Unpacked the hampers, blew up the football and set the boys to work. I cut up the great round of beef, fed the people on the good cheer & first rate potatoes wh. the Daunts boiled for us. Afterwards we all set off for a walk through the town and amused ourselves on the beach for a while. Came back and found the boiler being got in order for tea making. After tea we organised races etc and disposed of all the prizes. I won my laurels by clearing 7 feet with a pole jump. Got things packed and started by 1/4 to 7. Came by Windygates and down Bray Main Street. The children were not one bit tired but kept up lusty cheers the whole way. Arrived home at 8 1/2. Gave 3 fine cheers for the curate and 3 more for the Rector, and all went home. I paid the dragmen and amply satisfied Mc Ardle, and Massett with 10/6 each. Had a cup of good tea and a pancake from Mrs Buckley?s fair hands. Squared up some of my money matters and went to bed. And so ends an eventful day in the annals of the parish of Powerscourt.

RevErnest Whelan's Diary - Continued - August / September1878.
Friday 9th I was up in good time, in spite of my fatigues of yesterday ( the parish excursion to Greystones.) had some quiet reading and a Fugue (BACH) Pleasant letter from Mother enclosing Percy's, They have been suffering from an attack of English Cholera. The Ffennel boys called at 11 1/2 & I went and had a swim with them. Went off to Charleville to see James Lloyd (footman) who has been very poorly. Had a pleasant talk with him, & he seemed most grateful. Paid Miss Douglas a visit, Mrs Hobson there. Had a talk with Miss Dennler. Sat with old Biddy & with Mrs Williamson (who had a son on Monday morning).
These are all Charleville employees. Miss Douglas was the steward's sister, Mrs Hobson a gardener's wife living in Charleville schoolhouse, and Miss Denneler – the correct spelling- was originally a German governess appointed in the 1850s, who remained all her life at Charleville as a trusted family friend. She was known there as "Denny" and is mentioned many times in Elizabeth Batt's book on Charleville
Monday: Fine bright day and a high wind. Up at the Rectory at half past 9. Went home and played me a fugue. Wrote to Birmingham for pens. Paid a pleasant visit to Thompsons and started for the Glen. Got to Cluen at 1 1/2. Found Hicks rather better. Mrs Hicks showed me a machine with which she operated on him. Had some talk with the old fellow. Paid Mrs J.H. a visit and then went to Bradners where I had a good deal of talk with Mrs B. and her sister Mrs McGivern. Took a cut across Mrs Burton's & Powerscourt, crossing the Dargle & spent a while at Charleville, enjoying tea and tennis. Cut a stick from the hedge, much admired by the Miss Cunninghams and Mrs Sandys.. Went out at quarter to 11 & watched the Eclipse from the bridge.
Tuesday: Paid off all the old women. Had a nice bathe with the Thompsons; dived for the Ffennel's hatchet & brought it up first try. Baptised Mrs Despard's little baby who behaved right well. Mrs Sweetman wrote me a note requesting my presence. I went in & listened to complaints of Mr G's treatment of Helena in the matter of playing at meeting. Mr and Mrs S both assailed the new Prayer book & criticised the form of conducting our meeting. Altogether I was rather disgusted. Went down and joined the Thompsons, eat some sandwiches & consumed some lemonade. Took a walk and sang some glees. Rain became very heavy. Sheltered for awhile under the trees. Had a cup of tea and started for home. Wrote up the Sunday School books.
Wednesday: crossed Powerscourt & visited old Hicks. He is getting on slowly. Went on by the Reformatory to Lough Bray. Found the ladies at dinner. Joined them and listened to Miss Crampton's criticism of Mr Seddall's sermon (Mr Seddell had preached for CMS the previous Sunday. He was Deputy Secretary of CMS) Took a gay swim in the lake, had a cup of tea,& started for home across the valley. Lovely evening. I was in good form and did the journey in 1 hour 36 minutes. Had a bath and change & started for Dargle. Pleasant ,quiet evenng. Misses Cuninghams there.
Sunday: ( Mr G. in Armagh) Good S. School & large Congregation, about 260. I got on pretty well. About 40 remained for Sacrament. Only 14 at Annacrevy. Evening so light that I had no candles for service. Note from Mr Sandys asking me to breakfast some morning and bathe with Harry.
Monday: had breakfast with Sandys. Drove into Bray & had a swim with Harry. Paid Fitzgerald's bill for Breaks (Temperance Excursion) & Weirs for groceries. Went on to Crinken Parsonage. Trimmed shrubs after lunch. Had an hour with Sara at the organ. Had 2 games of tennis with Tom in the dark. Played for Mrs Hackett & sang til tea time. Had great consultation with Tom and the girls about my Gipsy tea. Home about 10.20
Tuesday: ...... Mr Browne came by bus and gave us an interesting talk on N. American Indians. £ 1.9.8 1/2 collected & 5 people took collecting cards. Seven of the Le Fanu tribe were present....
Thursday 22nd: ...Dressed myself very spicily & started for Powerscourt. Stopped and had a talk with Mrs S. at the Gate lodge. Great garden party at the House. Arrived at 4.30. Got hold of Siss and Eddie (Daunt) & took a stroll. Joined by Harley Le Fanu, & Willy. Met Tom Hackett, & walked about with Georgie. Got Photoed in the group. Left about 6 with the Daunts. Had a note this morning from Mrs Carnegie. They will all come to my Gipsy tea – hurrah!
The Powerscourt garden party was in honour of the British Association Meeting taking place in Dublin at the time. All the great and important people of the Arts and Sciences were likely to be there. It should be possible to find a copy of this photograph.
Monday: Paid a couple of the old women; heard that Leonard Hicks died last night. Started at 11.1/2, visited Biddy, who is, I think, dying. Sat with the Gilberts, MrsMahon & Miss Larkin. Had a long talk with Mrs Roe under a hedge during a shower. Visited Mrs Montgomery, and had some lunch. She drove me as far as Lord Monck's gate, & lent me a Vol. of Mozart's Sonatas. Turned into Summerhill & had 3 games with Tom. Robert Wingfield & young Lefroy came & we had a tremendous match. Had a cup of tea, & invaded the children's tea room, to their great delight. Mended my braces after dinner.
Wednesday: Started off and saw old Biddy. She looked dying, is very weak and sight nearly gone. Stayed awhile and spoke a little to her. Came back and got things in order for the Gypsy tea; Mrs B. and I packed them up. Company arrived at 1.15 & we started for Knocksink. Left them halfway up the glen & came away for poor Leonard Hick's funeral. Sat for 1 hour & 10 min outside the vestry door, quietly reading and inwardly chafing. Wandered about until 4.1/2, when the funeral arrived. 1 hour 33 mins late. When we reached the old graveyard, found the grave had partially fallen in, so after 10mins I began the service. Started at 5.1/4 for Knocksink scaling Powerscourt wall, & crossing Dr Barrington's fields. Found the party, & was well fed by the maidens. Packed up at 6.20 (after singing sundry glees). Georgie rolled right down the high bank, right through the brambles. I picked her up in a twinkling, & she was not a bit hurt, fortunately. Packed them all off from the door at 6.50. Visited old Biddy again, She seemed rather stronger & might hold out overnight.
Can find no clue to identify Patman. Has anyone any ideas?

RevErnest Whelan's Diary - Continued - October 1878.
October 10th ( returned from his holidays. – His brother Jem is about to emigrate to New Zealand) Jem joined me in town and we had great talk about his plans. I bought him a nice gold chain which was much admired. Met fa- ther at the train & was joined afterward by mother... waited to see how Percy had done in his entrance exam ( for Trinity) ... after a very brisk walk caught the Express – came down with Miss Burton & Mrs Grove White. Cold, wet drive home. Horses got in with hardly a kick left in them. Mrs B. insisted on my occupying her parlour for the evening, which I did. Got a little more work done.
Friday: glorious day... set off at 12 & visited O'Connor?s School (Annacrevy) The children answered me extremely well. Sat with old Mrs Keegan. Visited Williamses and Miss Harpur. Met Miss Cross coming from Bahana. Called at Mrs Harrison's & talked to her and Miss Moore. Miss Dennler & Miss Monck came as I was leaving. Overtook Sir John Crampton coming up Tinnahinch. Had smallish class in the evening. Walked up the hill with Mr G.
Saturday: Set to work but got on so slowly Mrs B. presented me with a fine big apple. Had a fair practise but not a full one. Went home with the Rector. He made me a present of a copy of the new Prayer Book. Called in to Le Fanu?s and found Mr. Le F playing tennis with the ladies. Joined them & had a nice match. Mr May ( Knockmore) & party rode up & we went into the house and had tea & talk. Loney B. made me a marker for the P B. Finished sermon at 11o'c. Gave 7 large sneezes and went to bed.
Sunday: Good S. Sch. & fair congregation. Read the special Thanksgiving service for Harvests & Mr G. gave us a good sermon. Collection of both services came to £13. Mr G. took Annacrevy & I after strumming awhile, went to see Lucy Mustard. They thought her a trifle better. Strolled home & took my sup of tea. Preached on Eph 2.8. Spent the evening at the Pittars & had pleasant chat and music. Mrs P gave me a pot of blackberry jam. Lady Powerscourt this afternoon sent me a beautiful photo of the Brit Assocn group taken at the garden party of Aug 22
Monday: saw by the Express that Percy & a fellow called Lyster had tied for 1st place at the Entrance exam. Letter from father asking me if I wd like to go to London with Jem. Had to refuse because Mr G. gets to preach at X Church on 27th so I must be at my post here...... I had to address the Meeting ( Temperance) & the Rector praised me up. He, Miss G & Miss Pittar came in to see the photograph & took tea with me.
Wednesday: Got post card from Jem, who arrived himself at 12. Mr G?s clerical meeting at 12, but I sent a note excusing myself. We went for a walk, crossing the Dargle and passing Sir John?s gateway( Bushy Park) & by end of Rocky valley up to Beale?s where we began to mount Sugarloaf. Had a fair view from the summit & eat our bread and butter with great contentment. Came back by the road & went to Summerhill. All out, so Jem & I had a game of tennis & home to dinner & spent a quiet evening.
Thursday: Jem & I got up at 7 1/2 & had breakfast & a chat I then I bid him Goodbye & he went off in the bus between Mr Le F & Mr Pittar.....
Friday: worked til 12. Went & saw Mrs Maude Williams, who is much better today, but has been only poorly. Paid Mrs Robt.W. a visit, & she feasted me. Trudged across to Barnamiire & visited Mrs Bethel Burton. She is a great deal better & was out for a little today. Visited all the Barnamire people & wound up with Knockbawn. Rather sleepy class tonight.
Monday : Steady rain all day. Set to work altering the old prayer book but found it would be endless , so gave up. Went out at 4 to make some purchases and see the Pittars. Mrs P lost a brother last week and looks much cut up.... Little Lucy Mustard was buried today ( she died of Meningitis) Wrote Jem farewell letter before bed.
Wednesday 23rd Should have been up by 8 or before, but slept soundly till 8 1/2. Made a toilet in 5 minutes; swallowed a hearty breakfast & went off to town by early bus. Lovely morning but rather keen. Called at No26 and had a shave. Went to X Church, nice service (Sullivan and RPS) Poole preached a good sermon. The Rector & I were "visited". He made a hard fight against having a weekday service, but had to give in to the Archb?s wishes. Father and Jem leave by morning boat from N. Wall. (And he sails for New Zealand on 30th)
RevErnest Whelan's Diary - Continued - November 1878.
Mrs Buckley gives him a good supply of nuts and apples for Halloween. Friday 1st Attended Select vestry & took the chair. Visited the Stronges in the afternoon. My foot hurting me greatly at times. Had a long talk with Miller (at the hotel; he had suffered some kind of stroke but was recovering) He wants to sign the Pledge. Fair gathering at the Temperance meeting. Poor Frank of Lacken has broken his pledge. We joined in prayer (Quigley, Robt B. Mr G. and I) for the poor fellow. Accepted dinner invitation to Summerhill for tomorrow. Worked til11.
Saturday Worked away and finished the sermon. Mr. G. called in to say he was off to Lacken. Poor Frank in a sad state again. I had the choir practice and gave them a great drilling. Taught them 2 new hymns... Dined at Summerhill. The Bulwers there. Had some music and Mr. Le Fanu recited "Shamus O'Brien" very well.
Sunday the evening went into the Pittars. They made me quite a feast, ginger preserve and blackberry jam...
Tuesday.5th Had the new Morning Service in Church for the first time. 8 present inclusive of self & sexton. Taught the 3 little boys afterwards. ... Lunch at the Rectory with the Daunts. We all set to work at the tennis. After lunch we 3 parsons adjourned to the study for a while. Left at 4. Got a funny letter from Miss Crampton asking me to tea to celebrate the "Gunpowder Plot" by taking a cup of "Gunpowder"tea. Went over and had music etc. Miss Phillipa mended my gloves most nicely for me.
Wednesday Started for Annacrevy at 1 after beginning sermon. Had letter from Mother today enclosing a budget from Jem. Visited poor Frank whom I found half tipsy. Had a long talk with him. Saw Mrs. Williams & family. Spent evening with HAB and Wynne. Mr Bulwer came in late & we had some piano & concertina playing
Sunday Preached my first Charity sermon this morning. We had a fair congregation & £37:13:11 was collected for the Hospital Fund. Mr G. took Annacrevy & I went round by the lower road & called at Mustard's where I had a long chat with both father and mother.( there was a new baby there) Walked through Dargle & was joined by Stepney who came to the upper lodge with me. I got over the Rectory wall & took a cup of tea with the Gs. The baby was in excellent order & looked quite handsome. After the evening service I found Bill Roper comfortably seated in my armchair; so we had a social evening together. Took tea and set off to Bray. I left him at the top of Quinsborough Road, as I had only my short housecoat on me and no cuffs, and then faced the bleak north wind – got home at 11.25. Slept well.
Monday ... made out a long list of hymns for( new organist) Miss Long this morning. Sat up rather late composing a hymn which on the whole was successful.
Tuesday Very cold day, hard frost last night so the road in some places was covered with ice. Had 7 or 8 at the morning service. Three babies to baptise. Collins, Hale and Mustard. Went through Powerscourt, & got nearly skinned with the cold. Visited Mrs Burton, who kindly supplied me with a cup of coffee. Had a talk with Isabella Burton & with Mrs Hicks. Came back and sat with Miller. He was up & looking much better.
Monday .... Went off to Lacken & had a talk with them all. Young Frank will sign pledge again on Wednesday. Sat with Mrs Hopkins a good while. Children all laid up with scarletina.
Wednesday Bright frosty morning. Fair day here. Young Frank came to me at 9.20 & signed the pledge again. He has kept from drink since Sunday & I think is in earnest. Went up and had an interview with Mr. G.; nursed the baby, who looked so well. Had a bit to eat and went out. Saw Mr.B. going up the hill, rather groggy. Heard the following specimen of Irish wit when going up Kilmolin Hill. Small boy to comrade: " Oh Bill, here's 3 of them, not the size of your fist!" Country lass in attendance on the pigs: " Faith he'll be a pig afore you're a man, so he will!" Visited Mrs T Quigley & Mrs Hunt. Went over the fields & sat with old Towson. Down to the Wards and Lawrences & had a long talk with Pat Burroughs. Brought on pain in the foot by running.....Went over to Glenbrook & paid a pleasant visit. Miss Jephson has got a pug which is already a great pet
Wednesday 27th One of the coldest days we have had. I met Hugh Hamilton at 12 bus. He went by car to Annacrevy & I walked. Got there 20 minutes before him. Stayed at school til he had finished at 3.15 and then started for Lacken. Raced the children home from school up the hill, to their great amusement. Came across to Onagh and paid Mrs R. B. a visit. Back through Powerscourt, jumping fences in great style......In the evening,the Pittar girls sent for my medal (temperance medal) & made me a gorgeous bow & ends of blue ribbon for it!.
( Rev. Hugh Hamilton had lately been the master of St Patrick's Cathedral School, and was the grandson of Michael Sandys, incumbent of Powerscourt 1775-1814)
Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— December 1878.
Tuesday 3rd Up to the rectory. Mr. G. has fixed on a schoolmaster at last, out of about 80 candidates. Sent off a letter of 20 pages to Jem. Had a Postcard from mother telling me Jem's address. ( William Pattison was school master until 1896)
Wednesday hardest frost we have had yet. My bath was so "clatty" that I didn't get in. Service at 11. Congregn.of 12. Mr G.preached a nice sermon. I churched Mrs F.B. and had my little boys. Went to lunch at Pittars; Miss Ada hauled me round the garden & took me to visit the puppy; which animal seems quite to have turned their heads!
Thursday Fine brisk day. Started off for a good tramp. Went round by Ballinagee & saw poor Mrs Williams who is only just alive. On to Booth's & Mrs Keegan's; had a talk there with Susan. Sat for a good while with widow Sutton. Called at Crone, young Mrs Evans gave me lunch. Visited Bahana and had a long confab with Mrs Keegan & J.C.K. walked home by the Powerscourt Avenue. It is 2 1/2 miles English from Waterfall gate to Little's.(golden gate)
Friday Vestry meeting at 11. Read the paper til lunch time. Grand victory of our troops in the Peiwar Pass under General Roberts. ( the news of this battle of the 2nd Afghan War on 28/29 November was sent home by telegraph, one of the first battles ever to be so recorded)
Thursday snowed all night and stuck to it all day....Froze hard again in the night... Sunday day got very gloomy & wet sleet fell. I had my walk to Annacrevy through the snow. Only about 14 there. Bill Roper turned up from Clondalkin direct, having walked at a good pace through the snow.
Monday Sharp frost last night. I was up with the Rector and looked in to Summerhill where I found the ladies and little boys skating on the tennis ground. Went off to Ballinagee, seeing Miss Larkin & Mrs Harrison en route. Back by the lower road & went on the Lake wh, seemed quite strong. ( the lake is Powerscourt's main pond, known as Juggy – the great fountain was not installed there until 1885) Got home and had luncheon. Called for HAB& found him starting with Tom Le Fanu, so off we went & got on the ice. It was very rough, but we had some fun. Presently Mr Galbraith, Miss G, Mrs Sandys & Miss Le Fanu turned up. I put skates on the Rector & we all enjoyed ourselves till after 5 when we made tracks for home. I slept well after dinner. Got some writing done.
Tuesday Miss Marion Barrington called to see if I would go and skate, but as I had my work I of course refused. Mr G. came in and said I wd. have to go see Mrs -- --- ( who was impaled on a gate while drunk last Saturday). Had a tiresome walk there. Snow very deep on the hills. Got back at 2.30, changed footgear, snatched some lunch & started for the lake. Met Mrs Sandys at the gate, & we went together. Found the Le Fanu's, Galbraiths, Bulwers, & Pittars on the ice. Miss Debbie, her mama & the Alto (Nette) also there. Had a nice hour and a half. Skated on some beautiful clear ice, & got on fairly. HAB took Miss AMP(ittar) home on his sledge, which is a great success. I walked back with the Le F. party. Rather stiff & stupid with all my exercise.
Wednesday Windy & heavy rain in the night, froze hard towards morning. All the place covered with ice. Rector preached morning sermon to 20 people. Mrs Quigley's child baptised after 2nd lesson. I churched her after service. Married Joseph Philp & Martha Earl, both answered very well & looked bright and happy. Very pretty little wedding altogether. Left message for Walsh about the Depository stove. In aftn. set off for "Juggy". Found Le Fanu's, Bulwers, Bernards, Pittars, Sandyses, Stepney's, everyone there. Beautiful glaze over the lake after the rain and frost. Had the best day's skating of the season yet. Got the backward roll somewhat better. Left a few minutes after 5 with Stepney. 14 in church, we only sang 1 hymn wh. was nearly a solo for Miss Sweetman. Tea at the Bulwers after ,& lots of music. Terrible wind & cold.
Thursday Did some visiting. Mrs Pilkington and the Almshouse. At 2 o'c ran over to Miss Crampton to tell her about skating and then started for the lake. Ice in grand order, & everyone enjoying themselves. I got a tumble while taking a jump and smashed the glass of my watch. Walked back with Mr and Miss G. and Miss Le Fanu. Parted from them at the corner. Then HAB & I protected the ladies Pittar down the slippery hill. Didnt feel tired at all in the evening. Read "Half Hours" etc. Wrote a long letter to mother. Composed a "Round"
(Skating and work took up the next 3 days)
Sunday Two inches of snow fell last night. I caught 9.45 train & took Eddie's duty( in Greystones) Little schoolhouse quite full. Roads one sheet of ice. Never saw the like. Took 9 train home. Went in to No11 & found the family very cosily over the fire. Had half an hour's chat & left, posting their letters in the way. Cold walk home.
Monday Buried Bethel Burton of Annacrevy. Went down to the Lake & found the men and Le Fanu's & Ffennels at work sweeping the snow off. Pleasant skating. Tea at Ffennels. Music and Blind Man's Buff. Christmas Eve Mr G. gone to Mr Meredith's funeral at the church.( Rev Ralph Meredith had been curate in Bray for some years, and rector of Killiskey. He was the son in law of Phineas Riall of Old Conna Hill, and his son Lewis Meredith created the garden at Old Conna) Despatched 11 letters with Christmas cards. Went off to skate and had a pleasant afternoon. Miss Debbie, her father and Hugo came. After dinner went to Glenbrook and found them at dinner-tea. Had chat and games of backgammon with Miss Philippa.
Xmas Day. Took a cup of coffee & went to church. My voice terribly hoarse, but got clearer. When I got home to breakfast I found a handsome gift of handkfs. from Mrs B. Nice cards by post. After lunch started for Crinken and was warmly greeted by the family After dinner I received 3 nice presents; a picture frame from Nette, a book of Miss Havergal's from Tom and "Knots Untied" from Sarah, Annie and Georgie. Played and sang for them in the evening. (Frances Havergal was a noted hymn writer ; "Knots Untied" was written by J. C. Ryle, first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool. It deals with the problems of understanding the Bible and is very readable even today)
Sunday 29th Steady thaw. Roads in an awful state, knee deep in slush. I went to Annacrevy , visiting Juggy en route. Walked on the ice near the edge. The middle covered with water and melting snow. It looked rather dismal. ( However, it was soon freezing hard again and by 5th Jan. they were all back skating)
Monday 6th Jan 79 Letter from Lady Monck presuming that there will be Epiphany service today! I replied that there would be none. ... made a sandwich for the skating expedition. I started off to Juggy and got there when the girls had all come off. All the maidens besought me not to attempt skating, and risk my precious life on thin ice; but I dashed away & didn't incur any accident. We lunched in the arbour. Tried the fountain pond. Very rough & sloppy. Went on Juggy again for an hour or so. Got into the backward roll quite delightfully. Had four tumbles & got well soaked. Rain coming down so steadily that we left at 2.30. Cosy evening.
( 31st January they were still skating on the fountain pond, though Juggy was melting)
Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— February 1879.
Sunday 26th January: Clear frosty morning. Good Sunday School. Mr G. nearly destroyed us by beginning his prayer thus: "O Lord our heavenly father SHUT THE DOOR" spoken in a most peremptory tone of voice. We had a good congregation & I preached. In the afternoon, took a pleasant walk with the Le Fanus. Went to the upper reservoir for ice but no sign of it there. Next to the fountain pond where the Sheilds were skating away. Our party skated too; the little boys and I went round Juggy & tried the ice; & then started for Summerhill where after a cup of tea I went to Church.
28th Had a pleasant hour at the school. 47 children present! The highest number I have known. Ground them well in Hymns for our Temperance Tea party. Went off at 2.30. Juggy looked wet and weak. Arrived at the fountain pond & went on solus. Skated for something over an hour & made good progress. Found great comfort from wearing 3 pairs of socks .Put my toe through the weak parts several times. Got a trip once, & smashed a round hole in the ice with my right knee!
31st Bitter day. Wrote letters. Went to see old widow Burton (Barnamire) & sat with her a while. Made out Mrs Godden?s cottage up on the hill. A most wretched hole! Left Mrs Le Fanu?s message. Down to Powerscourt & found HAB (Henry Bulwer, the agent's son) Fletcher and Maxwell skating the fountain pond. Tried Juggy & went in up to my knees. Skated away til after 5. HAB & I set the fountains going & partially floated the ice. 18 at class tonight. I nearly went asleep and fortunately was not asked any questions.
1st February Snowing hard all day. Went over to the Depositary at 2.30 & found about 12 children waiting for Miss Galbraith who was snowed up at the Rectory. An awful day. Snow six inches deep on the ground.
Sunday Truly a fearful day. Snow ancle deep everywhere. Only 55 at morning service and 17 at evening. We did not dream of going to Annacrevy.
3rd Up through all the snow and slush & had a confab with the Rector. Old Frank Buckley came and signed the pledge!!! Wrote several notes about the Tea party. Walsh and I rigged up the new Depository stove & got the brick work done, & all settled by evening.
Thursday 6th Spent the whole afternoon directing the decorating of the Depository, and nailing up texts. Went over to Glenbrook & gave them tickets for tomorrow.
Friday 7th Went to Vestry meeting. Called at the school. Went over to the Depository at 2.30 & found the ladies hard at work. Mrs G & Miss G., the Pittars, Le Fanus, Mrs Ffennell, Mrs Sandys etc all very busy. I was welcomed and worked away til 4. Rained hard for more than an hour. I dined at Summerhill & we all started for the Depository. Room looked very pretty & was well filled. Miss Crampton and Phillipa came over for a while, and took great interest in the proceedings. Mr G., Mr Fowler, & Mr Townsend spoke and I made a short speech giving particulars of the Society. All over at 9.30. Fine night, Took a cup of tea with the Pittars. Mrs B. and the girls at work clearing up til 11.30.
Wed.12th Five in church this morning. I went to Annacrevy. Mrs Ff and Lyddie rode alongside for part of the Powerscourt Avenue. Had a talk with Mervyn Burton. Visited Mrs Noble, Wm Hicks & Leslies. Went to Glenbrook & found them in low spirits. Bad news from Zululand: 500men & 40 officers slaughtered. George Hodson and young Caghill killed!!! Miss Crampton?s sister is very ill.
(Zulu War: on 22 January 1879, the battle of Isandlwana shocked the Victorian world. That trained soldiers with guns and ammunition should have been overcome by a horde of warriors armed only with spears seemed unbelievable. George Hodson's memorial is in Christ Church, Delgany)
13th Gloomy wet day. Stayed indoors all day. Did some reading but too stupid to think of a text for Sunday. Went to Summerhill and played knucklebones with Mr Le Fanu. He won the first game at 70 to my 68. The short cut was flooded (the beech walk), so I went round by the church.
19th Funeral of Henry Basnett. Wheeler was nearly 1/4 of an hour late. The Basnetts were furious and words ran high, until I had to assert my authority & proceed with the service. Some of the men were tipsy. After service was over we had more words. I tried to smooth matters & then retired thoroughly disgusted.
22nd worked all morning, though very stupid. Took charge of Mrs Ffennell to Glenbrook where Miss Crampton entertained with lively chat til the Bulwers came and then we commenced the practice of glees. ( for a village concert to be called Penny Readings)
24th Note from Bill Roper. He will sing at our penny readings. He tells me that Annie Hackett is to be Mrs Ossery!!! (ie. she is to marry the Bishop of O.)
25th Visited in the afternoon – Gilberts, Youngs, Buckleys, Captain Walsh & Stronges. Dressed for dinner at Charleville. There came a note saying that the rector held aloof from our Penny Readings! Arrived at Charleville and was collared by Mr Le Fanu who showed me a copy of Mr G?s note. Had a pleasant evening. Lord O?Neill played violin and sang the "Cat" solo admirably. Freddy Lawless played and so did I. Came home in the Le Fanu?s carriage. Mr. Le F. very hot on the Penny Readings question!.
26th Ash Wednesday. I read morning Service & Litany. Had a long talk with Mr G about the Penny Readings. Went off and saw Mrs Evans who had a relapse but is better now. Sat with Booth and started home jumping all the fences en route. Reached Glenbrook at 4.30 and found Mrs Ffennell & Bulwer. Joined Henry at the gate & brought him in. Practiced some glees and had tea. Mr Le Fanu & H came in and we had a lengthy debate as to my actions with regard to the penny readings. Bill Roper turned up with a slightly sprained ankle. Made him stay the night.

Rev. Ernest Whelan's Diary—Continued— March 1879.
Sunday 2nd: (Wrote to Mr G. last night telling him that I wished to take part in the Penny Readings) I took Anacrevy again. Preached an old sermon there. Spent evening at Glenbrook & had great talk about our 1d readings. All the ladies in great joy because I decided to take part in the affair.
Wednesday: Wrote to Bill at Clondalkin and sent him glees. Wrote to Miss Debbie about 1d readings. Had 9 at service this morning. Mr Stepney's child to be baptised. I went to Annacrevy and then Onagh and Crone. Mr Evans downstairs first time. Got rather wet. Changed clothes and went to rectory for Bible Reading- 24 present. Went over to Summerhill afterwards and played tennis with Miss Pittar and Harley Le Fanu. Dined and went to Church- 45 present. Mr McCormick preached. ( Possibly the Incumbant of Kilbride, Arklow.) Spent the evening after tea in tuning and settling the piano. Thursday: Lovely bright day. Worked in the morning. At 3o'c,James Keogh came down and we worked away at getting the schoolroom into trim for the evening. Mrs Le Fanu, and Mrs Sandys came in; the former gave me great help in arranging the room. Had a hurried practise after Bill arrived. Had our bit of dinner, & then I went in and got the room lit up. Pattison worked with me in everything! ( William Pattison was the school teacher) Guests began to arrive at 7.30. The Carnegies came and brought Sarah Hackett, Got them a good seat. Everything went spendidly! Mr Le Fanu "brought down the house" Bill sang well & was appreciated and encored. 19/4 collected. Room crammed. Over 200 present!!
Glee "Who will o'er the Downs so free"
Story "Phaedrick Cohore" By Mr. Le Fanu
Glee "The fairest flower"
Song "Hearts of Oak" By Bill Roper, encored sang "Warrior Band"
Reading "The death of Paul Dombey" By H. Jephson
Glee "The Barley"
Recitation " The Charge of the Light Brigade" By Mr Le Fanu
Song " The Village Blacksmith" by Mr Bulwer
Glee "See our oars"
Story "Billy Maloney" by Mr Le Fanu
Glee " The Dawn of day"
The various items went off steadily enough. Mr. Le Fanu was the lion of the evening,& won tremendous applause. Tea at Glenbrook. Bulwers there too. Friday: I was at the school by 8.15 & got Sam Farre to work at the benches.( the school benches may have been extended with planks to accommodate the audience) After breakfast put up the Corona in its old place & had piano removed,& all "straight" by 4 minutes to 10. Went to vestry & got paid 4/- due to me. Revised Register of Vestrymen at the adjourned Meeting. In aftn. visited Hobson, Montgomery, Quin, Hill, Douglas, Monck (out), H. Townsend. Got Temperance papers from Mr G.( NB. His manner is slightly changed towards me)
Tuesday: had a little music & went off to see Father O'Dwyer. He was out so I wrote him a note enclosing 10/ -. Taught at the school. Visited Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Walsh, Mrs Burns. Took the music over to Glenbrook & played Jackstones on the floor with Philippa! Read " The Modern Elocutionist" after dinner & then went to Summerhill & passed a pleasant evening. Played a lot of things for them . Miss May (Knockmore) & Harley played too.
Wednesday: Off to Annacrevy. Very wild day up country. Met Lady Powerscourt opposite her own door. She asked me in to lunch, but I excused myself. Came home and had a change. Good attendance at Bible Reading. Discussion more interesting and I took very little part. Went back to Summerhill & had a jolly game of tennis with the old gentleman, Harley & Miss Pittar. Mr Gayer preached a nice quiet sermon in the evening & we had the Litany. ( Henry William Gayer, Rector of Coolock)
Thursday: Eddie came from the rectory at 11.( Rev Daunt, Rector Greystones,EHW's brother-in-law) Started off for Greystones at 11.30. Did our walk , by little Sugarloaf, in 1hour, 35 mins. Played piano for Siss. After lunch E & I went out & inspected the church heating apparatus. Coming down a ladder I sprained my left ancle. Laid up all evening.
(He was driven home in stages next day, by friends in Greystones and Bray and by train)
Tuesday 25th My birthday aged 26. While at breakfast a sponge cake arrived from the Misses Pittar & a card from Ada. Post came in bringing me presents from home. Kingsley's life (2 vols) from the Family! Pretty illuminated text from Constance, done by herself. Cards from Aunt Mary Watson & Sarah Hackett. Kind note from Mrs Carnegie enclosing ticket for Thursday night's concert. Went to school at 12 & got on fairly. The boys rather hard to manage. In aftn., visited Mrs J.T.Buckley, Miss Thorp, Mrs Bernard, Turner & the Pittars. Spent quiet evening & began preparation for sermon.
Rev. Ernest Whelan’s Diary—Co.ntinued— April 1879
Saturday Worked pretty fairly. Fearful shower fell at about 1o’clock, but afternoon cleared nicely. Class and practise as usual. Went to Summerhill, while waiting for little Alice Hopkins’ funeral, Mr G. stayed at the church. I heard no bell ringing & stayed on at the Le Fanu’s till 4.45 when I started & found to my horror that Mr G. had gone off & taken the funeral. I met him in Powerscourt & got well blown up for my carelessness!! Worked away in the evening & finished sermon at 11.15. Read over sermon and went off to bed.
Wednesday Lord and Lady Monck and Miss Trench ( the Archbishop’s daughter) in church. Went to Annacrey and taught. Visited Sam Buckley, Mrs Harricks and Lacken. Came home at 4.30 and went up to Summerhill. Victor entertained me until the others came. Had some pleasant games of tennis with Tom, Harley and Henry May. Before leaving, little Mary Weldon sang a pretty wee song for us all. Mr Hewson ( Francis Hewson, Rector of Dunganstown 1868-1890) preached a nice sermon for us. Set to work at my Temperance Address for Friday next.
Thursday Glorious day. Visited Harrison. Met Miss Monck and Miss Dennler en route. Had a talk with Mr. M--- -. Smelt a stale odour of whisky off him! Back at 2. Tommy Le Fanu came and we had a fine walk, by Glencullen, Kil- ternan & Chimney road. Tested the echo in Scalp. Got home tired and hungry. Did something at my Temperance Address.
Friday. Lovely day. Began sermon. Wrote letters. Called at Walsh’s, Burns, Massetts, Wm. Buckley, Philpotts & Glenbrook where I played jackstones with Philippa. Delivered my Address to 21 men & got on in great style. Gave out papers.
Sunday Heavy downpour of rain all the morning. Wretched congregation. Only 80 or 90 there. I went off to Annacrevy. It rained on me for nearly half an hour. Had 11 at service. 90 in the evening service.
Tuesday Buried Tommy Harrison who died on Saturday night. HAB wanted me to go to the Hospital Concert with him ( money was raised for hospitals by public subscription, concerts, fetes etc) , but I stayed at home and began Friday’s sermon.
Thursday Bray met Charlie Grierson who told me of his “fiancee” Miss Blanche Bloomfield. (Rev Charles Grierson became Dean of St Anne’s cathedral , Belfast in 1911) Visited Turner and found him very weak and in pain. Worked hard after tea and did 10 and a half pages of sermon.
Good Friday Finished sermon at 10.45. Read over and corrected it. We had about 150. Mr G approved of sermon but had chosen same text (1 Pet. 3. 18) and read about it for 2 days for his own Easter sermon! Curious coinci- dence.! Visited in the afternoon and spent a quiet evening. Wrote to mother, Carnegies and Bird (Rev Frank Bird , Rector of Derralossery, was moving to Leixlip and had suggested that Whelan apply for the vacancy )
Saturday Cold raw day. Started for the hills. Went to Mrs Godden’s but she was out. The hovel looked even more wretched than ever. Enquired for old Turner. He was asleep & they do not expect him to last long. Only 5 at my class. Did our Easter Hymns. Tom Le Fanu in wait at the church door to secure me. We had great tennis fights.
Easter day Heavy fall of snow last night. Up at 7 for early service. Only 22. Very small Sunday school. 150 at noon Service. Rapid thaw going on. Found pleasant letter from Jem (in Australia) The first that has come. He has got work. As I sat quietly reading, up drove the Robinsons. Mrs R., Linda, Miss Nellie Brown, & Charlie. Dismissed the cab & entertained them with music and tea. They remained for evening service and I sent them off on Quigley’s car.
Monday Bitter day. Vestry meeting at11. Got through business all right. Went in to see poor Turner. He knew my voice and tried to speak my name. Stayed a while and spoke to him. He cant last many hours. Visited Miss Thorpe and Bulwers. Worked 1 1/2 hours with HAB skinning sods off tennis ground. Had a cup of tea and left.
Tuesday Called at Turners. The dear old man died last night. His face looked so peaceful and happy. In the afternoon visited Macnamaras, Mahons, Roes, Joneses, Montgomereys, came back and dressed for dinner at Rectory. Very quiet evening. Music and talk. Home a 1/4 to 11.
Wednesday ... went off to Annacrevy and Glaskenny. Talk with old Sam,& his wife. She signed pledge. Went on to Lacken & saw Frank and his wife. Smelt whisky in the house, but Frank assured me he was steadfast. Back at 3 for Turner’s funeral.( Turner had been the Powerscourt Forester for 40 years. Lord Powerscourt who had known him from childhood, erected a headstone to his memory. It stands inside the churchgate, on the left)
Monday ...Went to Summerhill and rode the old bicycle up and down the avenue, to the great delight of Mr Le Fanu and the boys. Had a very pleasant evening. Played “Good Words” . Mr. Le F. was delightful.!
Tuesday Wretched misty day, taught at the school. Made my way to Mrs H. Sutton’s. Found her and the young ones over the fire. She signed the pledge. Called at Montgomereys & played Mozart and Beethoven for her, came home and found a basket of eggs from Mrs Irvine. After dinner went up the hill and baptised Pat Burrowes child, Fidelia.
Saturday Pat Burrowes came down at 9 to say his little child was just dead. Worked away til 1 o’clock. Went to Summerhill and played knucklebones with Mr. Le Fanu. Talked to the little boys. Frank Jnr(Lacken) has sent back his card. Mrs. T---- is drinking like a fish.
Sunday Up at the church to bury Burrowes little baby. Good congregation at service. Dr Monahan preached a good sermon and £7.4.2 was collected.
Wednesday 3 people in church! Went off to Lacken. Had a talk with the old man & then a long talk with Frank. Managed to get him round & he seemed most grateful to me for advising him. Went on and saw Mrs Sutton. Visited Crone, Booths, Keegans, & Bahana. Got home jaded.

Rev. Ernest Whelan’s Diary—Continued— May 1879.
Saturday 3rd Glorious day. Started off at 12, and reached Crinken in 52 minutes. Sarah Georgie (Hacketts), the two Henrys, Miss Debbie and Misses Woodroffe at practice. Gave them several tunes and repaired to the Parsonage. Had some lunch and tennis after which we started for home. Waked to Bray bridge with the girls and then made my way home. Very stupid and idea-less in the evening. Worked til 10.30 and then struck. Thursday 8 (from the newspaper)
“Ossery and Hackett – By special Licence, at Christ Church, Leeson Park, By the Rt. Rev the Lord Bishop of Cashel, assisted by the Rev Thomas E. Hackett MA, brother of the bride, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ossery, Ferns, and Leighlin, to Annie Frances, eldest daughter of the Rev, John Winthrop Hackett MA, incumbent of St. James, Crinken, Bray .” (Ossery was a widower with 7 children at this time. He and Alice had 4 more)
Started by 9bus, with a basket of flowers for the wedding. Found the girls tremendously busy. Did some work for them & then did my own shopping. The Wedding was a great success. I played the March etc, and Charlie Miller drew stops for me. Beautiful presents, elegant dejeuner, 75 guests. Everything went off well. We pelted the Bishop with sago that should have fed JB’s baby ( Rev John Baptiste Crozier had married Alice Hackett in 1877. He later became Archbishop of Armagh, and the baby grew up to be Bishop of Tuam) Had a little music & fun and put some things to rights. William Caldbeck and I left by the 9.30 train.
Friday So stupid that I gave up all idea of writing a sermon. Visited Harry Townsend, the Montgomerys (Charleville), Miss Larkin, Mrs Hobson, and Mrs Burton. Had a good class. Saml. Sutton took pledge. Spent evening with HAB at the Office.( the Estate Office, where Mr Bulwer was Agent. Possibly Henry was assisting his father)
Saturday Sat with Miss Crampton and gave her a piece of bride cake. Was introduced to Mrs Sandford!( Mrs. S was Adelaide, the sister of Phillipa Jephson.)
Monday Miss Ada Pittars birthday. We started at 12.20 for Lough Bray. Dined in the porch and the adjoining room. Walked to the upper lake & enjoyed the view. Started for home after a pleasant day. I took care of Miss A & shewed her over the grounds, Wound up with tea after which we indulged in music.
Tuesday note from Miss Debbie asking me to dine. Taught at the school and visited Walshes, Curletts Turners and Telfords. Started for Bray & got as far as Brodericks when I was overtaken by Carnegies. Spent very pleasant evening. Miss Debbie gave me a photo of the Angel of the Annunciation & sang me some songs. Had a nice walk home.
Wednesday heavy rain in the night. Awakened at an early hour by bleating sheep, lowing kine, squealing pigs, shouting men and other agreeable sounds of Fair Day business. Henry Bulwer called in at 3, & we took a walk. Inspected the tennis ground at Seaview, also the house, & some of Mr Bulwer’s photos....
Thursday Did some work in the morning. Visited Millers and Wm B. Took 4 o’clock dinner & started for Kilternan. Sarah, Georgie and Adie Mullin gathering primroses at Kingstone Lodge ( This house is or was in Barnaslingan Lane – they did not walk to Kilternan by way of the Scalp)
Had a rehearsal, had tea and went to concert. The greatest joke of the season! Th car was nowhere to be found at 10.20, so Georgie got a lift to the train(Carrickmines?) & we 4 walked into Dublin, arriving at 73 Harcourt Street as clock struck one.
Friday At 73 – Came down before 9 feeling quite fresh as did the girls. Came home by 10.30 train and bus. Visited Wards, Lawrences, Collins, Munros, Burrowes. Pleasant class. Mrs Turner has signed the pledge.
Tuesday Letter from Father. He will take next Sunday for me. Up to the Rectory for talk with Galbraith. Note from Miss Deb saying they would drive through Dargle to Glen of the Downs. Met them there at one o’c. Had pleas- ant drive & feast. Took a nice little walk with her. Drove in for 7 train. 10 mins late. Got to Fishamble Street at 9. Sara nearly done up with her hard work. Stayed at 73.

Here ends the diary. We do not know why it breaks off at this point. Perhaps later diaries were simply lost. The Rev. Ernest married Miss Deb in 1881 in Christ Church, Bray. They moved into Weston, Enniskerry, and their first child, “little Jack”, was born there in 1882, and lived for a year. Ernest was appointed Rector of Kilbride in 1883, and moved to the Rectory there. He had 2 more sons and 4 daughters. One son became a CMS missionary and then a Rector in Derry. In 1887, he gained a Mus B. from Trinity, and in 1905 was made Canon of Christ Church Cathedral. He died in 1910 as the result of an accident. He, his wife Deborah Carnegie and little Jack are all buried in the graveyard, as are members of the Carnegie family and some of the Rev. Ernest’s descendants.

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The Tragic fate of Herbert Norman Stewart
In the Parish Register of September 1889, there is an entry which records the baptism of Herbert Norman Stewart, who was then six weeks old. His address is given as Berryfield and FooChow, China. His parents were Robert Warren Stewart and Louisa Stewart (nee Smyly) Robert?s occupation is described as "clergyman; C.M.S. Missionary". Rev Henry Galbraith performed the baptism.
The parents had worked in China since 1876. It seems likely therefore that their residence in Berryfield was temporary, while they were in Ireland on home leave. Herbert was their sixth child. There were three older boys already at school, and two girls, Mildred and Kathleen. Two more were born later, Evan and Hilda Sylvia. A later photograph of Herbert shows a beautiful child with abundant blond curls.
On 1st of August, 1895, on the morning of his sixth birthday, Herbert was brutally murdered, along with both his parents, his baby sister, his nurse and six other women , all CMS missionaries on holiday at Kucheng, a hill village in China. The nurse, poor woman, had left Dublin only a few weeks earlier to join the mission. She had been brought up an orphan in one of the Smyly homes. The other victims were Irish, English and Australian.
They were slaughtered for no other reason than that they were foreigners. Their killers were a band of insurgents, armed with knives and spears, calling themselves "The Vegetarians", who were deeply suspicious of foreigners and resented the influence missionaries seemed to have on the local government. They launched their attack in the early dawn when hardly anyone was awake or dressed, then afterwards fired the houses and vanished back into the bamboo thickets. Most of the women died instantly, but there were survivors. Mildred and Kathleen had been out picking flowers to decorate Herbert?s birthday breakfast table. They ran to hide, were caught , beaten and wounded, but somehow were left still alive. Mildred had such a severe wound to her knee that she could not walk. Unable to see the children in the carnage outside, Kathleen, then aged eleven, ran into the burning house to look for them. She found Lena, the nurse, already dead, apparently sheltering the baby, who had been stabbed in the eye. She carried the child out and laid her on the ground and ran back for Herbert, terribly wounded and dying. Evan , then three years old, was cut and bruised, but not seriously hurt. Kathleen enlisted the help of a Chinese neighbour to help carry the family to find refuge in a wood, where two other women had found shelter, badly cut and traumatised. Herbert died in a few hours and the baby some days later. The remains of the parents and the nurse were incinerated in the house fire.
The massacre caused widespread horror and disbelief, and deep emotional shock to missionary communities. International outrage ensured that the culprits were eventually executed, though the missions felt that the matter would have been better confronted with the gospel than the axe.
Mrs Stewart?s sister, Ellen Smyly, travelled to China to bring the three orphans home to Dublin. Ellen at once launched an appeal for more women to volunteer to go out in place of those lost. There was no lack of a response both in money and personnel. Indeed, Powerscourt parish (and no doubt many others) donated money for decades to the Chinese Mission in Fukien, to help the "Bible Women" carry on their task for Jesus Christ.
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Rev BoyleRev William Foster Boyle, Curate at Powerscourt Church, 1883- 1892, who lived at Bushey Park until his death in 1951, having worked for the parish in one capacity or another for 68 years. Many people in the parish will remember him.

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